Castlevania – The Movie

Castlevania is a 2009 film based on the Castlevania series. The movie was originally to be directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, but has now been set for Sylvian White to direct.
It will start out as a Transylvania Knight leads his men into a haunted castle to seek refuge from the Turkish Army. They end up unleashing Dracula and this starts a generational conflict between the vampire and The Belmont Clan. The film will focus much more on the castle than other vampire movies. It is currently in production, with very little information actually out.


  • Simon Belmont – main protagonist and the first Belmont to face Dracula according to the movie.
  • Dracula – main antagonist. his origins will be explored deeply in the movie.
  • Cristofor Belmont – Simon’s brother who gets bitten by a werewolf.
  • Vlas – A Loyal Moorish servant to Simon.
  • Aurica – The lone survivor of a band of gypsies who had been attacked by werewolves. She finds out she looks exactly like Dracula’s former lover.
  • Weidner – A Nazi who investigates a massacre of soldiers at the hands of Dracula’s Castle.
  • Hengst – Another Nazi who investigates the same massacre with Weidner.


Following is an early out-of-date official plotline for the movie:

The land of Transylvania has been at peace for 100 years now, and the peasants and villagers have begun to purge their minds of the memories of the times when the lands were dominated by chaos and shadows, and when the undead walked the earth…However, there are those that remember that the evil Count Dracula returns every 100 years to plague the land, bringing with him the forces of Hell…Thus, one evening, the Prince of Darkness rises and returns to Castlevania, his ancestral home, calling forth his minions to purge the world of human flesh. The people cry out for a hero — someone to defend them from the evil desires of the count.

Thankfully, they don’t have to look very far, for within the land of Transylvania the Belmont line still lives, as Simon Belmont, great-grandson of Christopher Belmont, takes up the legendary whip called the Vampire Killer, and sets forth on his journey through the darkened countryside to the dark lord’s castle…Upon arrival, the young man fights his way through legions of zombies, gigantic bats, and even faces Death himself, but in the end, he makes it to the Count and in a battle to end all battles, he comes out the victor…The price? The evil master places a curse of death upon Simon, which will lead him into a long and dangerous journey in the very near future.


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