Naruto 431 – Spoiler

Verification: Confirmed
Source: NF
Credits: Hatifnatten

Naruto asks Gamakichi to evacuate everyone.

He asks Tsunade about Kakashi. He can sense chakra of everyone in a village with sennin power, but he can’t sense Kakashi’s.
Tsunade becomes silent.
Naruto: “… …I see”
Tsunade becomes all wrinkely (no big deal)
Naruto doing Oodama rasengan and it ends with some new jutsu.


~ by edgarluvitug on January 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Naruto 431 – Spoiler”

  1. thanks a lot man!! looks like a great issue

  2. looks like fun 😀

  3. Way to go man !! .. thanks a ton

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