Naruto 432 – Spoiler

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source: NF
Credits: vered, Ona

naruto gets mad at pain and throws FRS

everyone is surprised and the long haired one is beaten

meanwhile, shikamaru

Shika learns from Katsuya, naruto has come back and goes to help but his dad stops him

Shikaku: if he’s learned senin then he’s on a different level to you. Not getting in the way is also a part of teamwork

something about jiraiya’s tearful eyes?

back to Garuto

sennin mode is over

the woman gets near naruto

Bunta: watch your head!

Fukusaku: from now on Bunta aim at naruto and throw
(ND -not sure what is being thrown here)

bunta puts naruto and the girl in his mouth so that naruto can go at it to his heart’s content. At the same time he is released from the mouth he blast the remaining two with RASEN-REN-GANs [Spiraling LINKED Sphere]

then senin power runs out and it ends.


~ by edgarluvitug on January 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Naruto 432 – Spoiler”

  1. Naruto teletlansporta-se para junto de pein! e usa um jutso igual
    a um fuutun rasenshiken esando um clone

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