D.Gray-man – Characters

Many of the series characters are Exorcists, but others are from the Clan of Noah, the opposition to these Exorcists, like Road Kamelot, Tyki Mikk, Lulubell and Jasdevi. But a variety belong to neither group, like Komui Lee and Malcom C. Leverrier. However, both sides carry out what they believe is the will of God and claim the other follows a false god or the devil.

* Allen Walker is 15 and an Exorcist of British origin and the main protagonist of the series. Allen was abandoned by his biological parents because of the supposed “deformity” of his left arm and later adopted by Mana Walker. Later, Mana died and Allen turned him into an Akuma, hoping him to be fully resurrected but instead, he cursed Allen and sliced through his left eye. It was at this same moment that Allen’s left arm first awoke as an anti-Akuma weapon and instinctively destroyed the Akuma. He now fights for the souls of the Akuma and for his friends. He is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi.

* Yu Kanda is an 18-year-old Exorcist from Japan. Kanda is the first Exorcist that Allen meets at the black order HQ. He can recover much faster than ordinary humans due to a mysterious tattoo above his heart. He and Allen have an ongoing hate for each other. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.

* Lenalee Lee is a 16-year-old Exorcist from China. Her parents were killed by an Akuma when she was very young. Due to her ability to use the Innocence, Lenalee was forced to become an Exorcist by the Black Order bosses to use her strength. However, her brother Komui decided to stay with her to not leave her alone. Therefore, she fights for her brother as well as her friends. Her perception of the “world” consists of her friends and family; whenever one of her friends dies, it seems to her as if a part of her world has been destroyed. She is voiced by Shizuka Itō.

* Lavi is a cheerful 18 year old, red-haired Exorcist of mixed race, who aims to become a Bookman and is working along the Black Order just to be close to the events that must be seen. However, he is slowly becoming more attached to his Black Order friends, and his original Bookman self is constantly being clouded by his growing care for his friends. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura.


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  1. wow!!!
    d gray man is really the best!!!!
    hope theres another season!!!!

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