Naruto 433 – Spoiler

Verification: confirmed
source: NF
Credits: vered /KWGoDのbrucelee

妙木山に仙人モード?の影分身を置いといてフカサクが逆口寄よせでナルトが仙人モードでまた戦 い始めます
Naruto left at Myobokusan, senin mode? kagebunshin fukusaku reverse summons another naruto in senin and the battle begins again. I made a mistake sorry m(__)m
it’s hard to see…
影分身に戦術チャクラを練りこませて待機させ、巻きもので妙木山から口寄席した。口寄席したら 影分身解いて 仙術チャクラをオリジナルに還元している
The bunshins are moulding chakra awaiting orders, with the scroll they prepared to be summoned from myobokusan. If they waiting in the kuchiyose seat(?) when the bunshin was dispelled the senjutsu chakra returns to the original.

naruto can only use FRS once in sennin mode
naruto left bunshin in frog world and he can go sennin twice more. Tendou recovers.
at the end he kills Hell realm (that’s what is says people don’t ask me!!!)

Another confirmed Spoiler.

Naruto: a smoke-bomb at the same time!
all right!
Pein: Henge no Jutsu (transformation)! … is it the orignal copy?

Partial scanned page: (Katsuyu?):THAT Pein has retreated to the back of the group.

Pein: Finally, my power is back…
Bunta: He reflected it!

Even in Sennin-mode, I can only do two Rasen-Shurikens…. in which case there are only two of us left, I can do four Rasen-Shurikens…


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