Gundam Seed: Kira Yamato

Kira Yamato is a fictional character in the Gundam universe. He is the main protagonist of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and an important character in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

At the beginning of the Gundam SEED series, Kira lives on the neutral colony of Heliopolis where he attends a college with his friends Sai Argyle, Kuzzey Buskirk, Miriallia Haw, and Tolle Koenig. Kira is also attracted to Sai’s fiancée, Flay Allster. Kira owns a robotic pet bird, Birdy (Torii in the Japanese version), which was given to him three years earlier by his childhood best friend, Athrun Zala, who built it.

Heliopolis is attacked by ZAFT forces. During the evacuation of civilians, Kira is separated from his friends and follows a mysterious female stranger, who he later pushes into an evacuation “shelter”.

Kira eventually finds two prototype mobile suits, the GAT-X105 Strike and the GAT-X303 Aegis, and a battle taking place between Earth Alliance soldiers and the ZAFT special forces team in the factory. While Kira helps an Earth Alliance officer, Murrue Ramius, he recognizes one of the ZAFT soldiers as his old friend, Athrun. The two friends are stunned by each other’s presence. Murrue attempts to shoot Athrun, but he captures the Aegis and escapes, while Murrue and Kira board the Strike.

Outside the factory, ZAFT pilot Miguel Aiman attempts to capture the Strike using his ZGMF-1017 GINN mobile suit. Murrue is no match for Miguel, and seeing that his friends are endangered by this battle, Kira takes control of the Strike which forces Miguel to retreat.

After the battle, Murrue tells Kira and his friends that they have to stick with her because they have stumbled upon an Earth Alliance military secret. They are then attacked by Rau Le Creuset. Kira forces Rau to flee and they are joined by Mu La Flaga, Natarle Badgiruel, and several other Earth Alliance survivors of the raid on Heliopolis.

Kira initially refuses to pilot the Strike again, but Mu persuades Kira to do it. During the following battle with ZAFT forces, Kira kills Miguel and the colony of Heliopolis collapses. Kira retrieves a damaged lifeboat; Flay is among the survivors onboard.


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One Response to “Gundam Seed: Kira Yamato”

  1. I Very Much Admire Kira Yamato He Is A Very Strong,Cute,Smart,Cool Guy.

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