Naruto 434 – Spoiler (Discussions and Predictions)

Verification: Confirmed

Pain says : “Capture of the Kyuubi : Mission Complete.”

Naruto: This guy…! He’s absorbing my chakra?!
Side Text: (first bit’s cut out)(person) Naruto too is outdone by Pein’s power…!!

Pain acknowledges Naruto’s strength, saying it’s the first time Pain gets pushed this far.
Banshou Ten-in(without the hiragana, can’t tell for sure)
Naruto gets pulled toward Pain and captured by Hungry Ghost. Naruto’s chakra is being absorbed. Tendou says this is it, mission accomplished.
Fukasaku asks Naruto to hold on.

Whether Kyuubi is being sucked out is unknown. Before Pain uses Banshou Ten-in(?), Pa and Ma have used Genjutsu.

Banshou Ten-in = New jutsu used by God Realm.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Source: MH
Status: Looks like it is confirmed. (seems like we have the spoilers bit by bit this week)

2 Pain left.
Hell Realm defeated, Naruto turns to Tendou.
Naruto gets blown away by Shinra Tensei.
The frogs launch all sorts of weapon at Pain.
Katsuyu tells Naruto how the jutsu blew the village apart and its 5-second weakness.
Fukasaku says Genjutsu is the only way now. Naruto says he doesn’t know Genjutsu. Fukasaku says he will cast it.
Pain uses Shinra Tensei again. The frogs get blown away.
Watching from afar, Chouji, Kiba and Hinata are worried for Naruto.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Source: 2ch / vered – NF/ PowerManga
Status: Confirmed (Another translation)

Tendou sees hell after the attack of the 2 rasengan …
But it remains two more Pain.
Naruto: “These 2 here …!”
Tendou Pain uses repulsion attacks that creates an explosion that hurts Naruto.

Naruto Bunta short help but it is attacking
Pain violently with a large black baton. His chakra
is now disturbed as Jiraiya before.
Pain uses black it sticks out its neck and
Bunta in the plant: These eyes are changing …
Naruto lot of debris without Sennin mode! A
frog short help but Naruto is adopted by
Bunta it launches an attack of water.

Fukusaku attempting an invocation reversed. It approximates
Naruto but he was arrested by the gravity of Pain. Katsuyu
a Kuchiyose and explains that they have a
interval of 5 seconds to attack Pain …

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Can you predict what will happen in this chapter? Just post your predictions. Enjoy!!! 🙂

You can also post spoilers here..

Naruto – Chapter 433


~ by edgarluvitug on February 2, 2009.

26 Responses to “Naruto 434 – Spoiler (Discussions and Predictions)”

  1. Whatever happens, I am just glad that Naruto is showing everyone he is no longer a little kid. That everyone is going to have to recognize him and accept him as being one of, if not THE, strongest ninja out there.

  2. Do you think naruto will become the 6th hokage?

  3. heck yeah but i was wondering if the so cool pain is going to dye?

  4. i think that naruto will kill/destroy pain and then i think that saske will turn up and be like woah!!!! and realise how strong naruto is challenge him to a fight in which naruto will change him into a good guy after all or (as i hope) kick the shit out of him and thus putting the trouble child into his place.

  5. Payn will die, or get a good battle fill of action. Or will naruto recieve a stunning new?

  6. wow.

  7. i think that if naruto kills pain the manga would be a fucking shit cos he would be just invencible… the rainegan ninja had always been the strongest so… i hope pain win

  8. I would like to see Sasuke come back and help Naruto out fighting pain and then they both would go after Maderra together but he vanished once agian. Once pain is gone there isnt much more fighting left to do since Maderra is in hinding again. Tsnuade should die to save kakashi and then kakashi becomes hokage. Naruto will mind kakashi being hokage and feels safe about it. So he decides to take a pilgramige just like his master to find himself. On the way he still does missions but more importantly he goes to alot of different villages and eventually makes it to his mothers village which i know every wants to know about.

  9. is this prediction true.

  10. naruto is amazing

  11. i think naruto will be out of technique and pain is about to kill naruto, then saske appear from nowhere and blocks pain attack, and then he will say; his death must happen in my hand….. a battle royal will happen next………..

  12. I think Naruto is gonna win because there’s no way he’s gonna lose when the main title of this manga still using his name “NARUTO” unless if kishimoto is crazy enough to change the title into “PAIN”,… The worst case scenario gonna happen maybe like this: “Kishimoto run out of idea and he invite Toriyama to put Son Goku inside Naruto Manga ha ha ha ha… Goku will blow out anything and there will be nothing left, even Kami ask Goku for help why won’t naruto…?”

  13. I think this is the most reasonable of all the predictions I’ve seen. However, only time will tell…it is already Thursday in Japan. We’ll see some confirmed spoilers shortly.

    It has always pissed me off to see that Naruto didn’t receive the respect he had rightfully – and painstakingly – earned as a ninja. I am finally glad that this is changing. One thing (and it is probably a minor issue) but…when does this guy become chunin???

  14. I don’t understand why you guys think that pain is going to kill naruto, cuz remember they have to keep them allive in order to take is 9tail fox chacra.

  15. hahaha!! Pain will kill him! i dont know how you can think otherwise!

  16. Does anyone think the Naruto/Pein situation will get a result like the Kakeshi/Obito one (aka Naruto gets rinnegan)?

  17. And I predict that Naruto will ALMOST be captured… Right before the WHOLE village charges (ninja or no) and just DESTROY Pein. (Sorry about the caps)

  18. I think before naruto’s chakra is completely drained maito gai team will come to his help and because of his chakra drained naruto will use kyuubi chakra and he will become demon sage and defeat pain..

  19. #

    I don’t understand why you guys think that pain is going to kill naruto, cuz remember they have to keep them allive in order to take is 9tail fox chacra.

    None said this on February 4, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    I forgot akatsuki need the Jinchuriki alive to harness the bijuu inside Naruto…..

  20. naruto death ..
    naruto manga will end

    naruto must win ..

  21. what do you think danzo will do…?

  22. naruto will win againts pain…..
    a whole new story will evolved…..
    enemies like danzo, sasuke, kabuto, madara, and maybe there are new enemies…… thats what I think…..

  23. […] Naruto 434 – Spoiler (Discussions and Predictions) Verification: Confirmed […]

  24. i think that naruto will use the power that itachy gave him

  25. Naruto will never be a chunnin or Jounin because his only aim is to be the greatest ninja ever and that’s only possible when he become Hokage or Frog Hermit like Jiraiya ha ha ha. Naruto is gonna be even stronger when the kyubii’s out frm his body. So go for it Pain suck him dry ha ha ha… and you’ll meet ur doom pain!

  26. I like to see Naruto and Sasuke fighting Pain and defeat him. It will be a great fight scene for sure.

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