Naruto – Chapter 434 – Naruto vs God Realm

Confirmed!! Naruto – Chapter 434 – Naruto vs God Realm has been released. You can read it online or be the first to download it! Enjoy! 🙂


xxxxx Cover xxxxxxxxxx Page 01-02 xxxxx

xxxxx Page 03 xxxxxxxxxx Page 04 xxxxxxxxxx Page 05 xxxxx

xxxxx Page 06 xxxxxxxxxx Page 07 xxxxxxxxxx Page 08 xxxxx

xxxxx Page 09 xxxxxxxxxx Page 10 xxxxxxxxxx Page 11 xxxxx

xxxxx Page 12 xxxxxxxxxx Page 13 xxxxxxxxxx Page 14 xxxxx

xxxxx Page 15 xxxxxxxxxx Page 16 xxxxxxxxxx Page 17 xxxxx

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Can you predict what will happen in the next chapter? Just post your predictions.. Enjoy! 🙂

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~ by edgarluvitug on February 5, 2009.

10 Responses to “Naruto – Chapter 434 – Naruto vs God Realm”

  1. Do we know exactly when this will be coming out today? (Not an exact time, none of us are godly.) Hopefully within the next hour or two, I’ve been so anxious to see this. It’d make my day so much better if I got to see it before I have to leave. xD

  2. i want to see naruto manga 434

  3. I want to see the next one chapter 435 WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does anyone know kakashi’s condition?

  4. he’s dead :(((

  5. it’s not yet proven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. its not going to happen… he still has one mor clone and the old frog is still going to make the illution.. just have faith damn it. naurto can die but for some reason i dont see it going well with hinata watching on the sidelines… i bet shes going to interfere

  7. where the hell is team gai???????

  8. i wonder if the sand village will interfere…. kazekage. thats interesting.

  9. Naruto chapter 437…

    Inilah chapter dari manga Naruto terbaru,  chapter 347. Awesome, itulah gambaran dari chapter ini. Tidak lupa sisi dramatis juga disuguhkan disini, antara Hinata dan Naruto.
    Naruto, yang di chapter sebelumnya masih terlibat dialog dengan Pain…

  10. Naruto will be victorious in the end. Who has the power of the 9-tailed beast?

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