One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy’s dream is to obtain the deceased Pirate King Gold Roger’s legendary treasure “One Piece”, and become king of the pirates. In order to find the One Piece he want to create a super crew of around 10 members to prove he is just a good of a pirate as his child hood hero, Red Hair Shanks.He also wants to be the next Pirate King because he believes who ever the pirate king is also the person who has the most freedom. Although his ambitions are that great, he is portrayed as a carefree and sometimes air headed character. He is also portrayed with a huge appetite, often eating to the point of becoming comically fat, or thinking with his stomach. Luffy is also shown to be caring and generals good hearted on many occasions. But he isn’t naive, and understands most situations more than he shows. Knowing the dangers ahead, he is willing to risk his life to reach his goal, and protect his crew.

Despite all of his experiences over the course of the series, Luffy is still fairly immature, although he has shown some development into his character. He invites several people, such as Chopper or Brook, onto his crew without having any idea of their professions. His main reason is because of their interesting appearances or personalities. He is rarely concerned with the consequences of his actions, doing what he feels even if it leads to retaliation by a powerful force. This even includes punching out a member of the “Heavenly Dragon Clan”, an aristocratic world noble whose horrible deeds such as slavery and murder go unpunished by the World Government, even though doing so would result in an extremely powerful government soldier (usu. a marine admiral) being sent to the island. However, he is an extremely loyal captain, who has demonstrated at many points throughout the series that he is willing to risk his life for the well-being of his crew, even if it means defying the World Government.


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  1. wah3 aku ske gler one piece!hu5

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