One Piece: Sanji

Sanji is a sympathetic cook. He used to work in the restaurant Baratie (in the middle of the East Blue sea) before Luffy asked him to join their pirate adventures. Now Sanji is a part of their crew.

He was raised by a captain pirate called Red-Legged Zeff. When Sanji was 10, he and Zeff were deserted on a small island, forcing them to live for three months without any food supplies (Zeff’s ship was destroyed by a huge storm at night). In the first minute they were deserted, Zeff gave little Sanji some food. But Zeff also had a big sack with him that he brought to the other side of the island. Sanji accused him of being greedy, of taking all the food for himself.

They waited for help to come, but none came to rescue them. After three months of starvation, Sanji (who was mad and planned to take food from Zeff) went to the other side of the island to see how Zeff was doing. Surprisingly, Zeff was skinny, and looked hungry. What surprised Sanji more, at least in the manga, was that Zeff lost his right leg!! Sanji cried in frustration, “You… you ate your own leg!!?”

However, in both the Japanese and English version of the anime, Zeff hadn’t eaten his leg. Zeff actually lost his leg in an accident, when a tidal wave knocked two ships together and his leg got caught. Desperately wanting to save Sanji, he saw an anchor sinking and quickly grabbed it and wrapped it around his leg. The anchor knocked the boats together and freed him, cutting off his leg in the process.

Anyway, then Sanji checked the big sack Zeff had with him. It was filled with gold!! No food, no drink – Sanji was shocked at the fact that Zeff gave him all the food they had instead of keeping it for himself. Zeff told him he did that because they had the same dream: to find Great Blue (a legendary sea). Since that day, Sanji worked for Zeff in the restaurant Baratie as vice-chef.

Sanji likes girls- especially Nami. He protects Nami’s tangerine garden on the ship and never lets anyone touch it. He often calls Nami “Nami-swan”.

Sanji was born on Uo Island.


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