One Piece: Usopp

His gift for storytelling can be used for good- like when he’s entertaining Kaya with tales of the high seas- and for bad, like when he wakes up his neighbors, claiming pirates are attacking.

He picks a fight with Klahadore and Kaya tells him to stop.
Usopp has his own little fan club made up of three little boys, one of which is Onion, who comes back screaming when he sees something strange.

Luffy was always with Yasopp, Usopp’s father, when he was younger.

When Luffy and Usopp go down to the beach, they see Klahadore and a traveling hypnotist named Django. Klahadore notices Luffy when he stands up and yells “Don’t kill Kaya!!!”. Django then hypnotises Luffy and tries it with Usopp as well, but Usopp ducks leaving Luffy a target. Luffy was sent to a deep sleep and fell off a cliff.

Usopp was born on Obitsuji Island. His name derived from the story “Isoppu” (Boy Who Cried Wolf) and the word “uso” meaning “liar”. His appearance is supposed to be like Pinnochio (nose grows long if you lie).


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