Naruto 435 – Spoiler (Discussions and Predictions)

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Naruto Manga 435 First Page

Naruto Manga 435 Last Page

Short Summary:

The 3 big frogs are unconscious and seriously hurt.

The confirmed casualties number goes up to 100.

Shizune is confirmed dead.

Nagato starts rambling at the end. (probably flashbacks next chapter).

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Quick and Rough Summary:

Absorption Pain turns into a frog.
Ino and company arrives in Shikamaru’s location.
Shizune is really dead.

Fukasaku helps Naruto get away from Pain but was stopped by Pain’s
attraction jutsu.

Naruto gets stabbed by Pain in the left hand with the weird sword.
Shima sheds some tears for the fallen Fukasaku.

Naruto asks what the hell pain is.
Pain answers by saying, “What am I? Let’s talk”

At the end, Ino’s father realizes something important about Pain.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx

Complete Translation:

Naruto :…. It absorbs my chakra …!
Fukasaku: Naruto Chan forgive me, you have to resist a little …
Pani naruto leaves absorb his chakra and he closes his eyes. It’s a plan!
It seems that Naruto wants his bread absorbs energy without resistance.

Pain sudden change: her eyes and her face and its members become those of a toad!
God Pein: “What!”

Fukasaku: Haha! Well done! Bread has absorbed too much natural chakra and that is why more and more it becomes a toad.
Naruto tries to escape.

Change of scene: You see Shikamaru Ino and Inoichi Anbu before Shizune.
Shikamaru: Oh no! Shizune is dead?
Ino :…..

The scene moves to Gamabunta.
Gamabunta: “Shit …!” He seems to have a lot of broken bones. The two frogs are still on the ground, unconscious.

The scene Shikamaru & Company.

Shikamaru: I understand …..
Ino crying: If we were stronger ca would never come …!
Shikamaru: Shizune’s death should not be unnecessary, it was investigating the secret of Pein and his search for these products, we must move forward ….!
Shikaku: Go with your Jutsu Inoichi you must be able to understand the position of control Pein.
Inoichi: I know I tried, but Pein is able to control the chakra in a way that I know absolutely impossible to understand his position.

The scene back on Naruto.

Naruto tries to break free, Pain Fukasaku is black with a sword, the same who killed Jiraiya.
Fukasaku is heavily ground.
Pain turned Fukasaku: You’ve done a good job, but it ends here.
Shima desperately short Fukasaku: My darling!
Naruto falls on the ground.
Naruto: I do forgive thee never …

Pein: Banshyo Knin
Naruto is attracted to Pein, Pein is with the same weapon with which he attacked Fukasaku.
Pain hits Naruto.
Pein takes Naruto to the throat and threw on the ground with the black sword.
Fukasaku is on the ground with no signs of life with tears Shima him.
Pein: Kyuubi makes you against my Rinnegan
Naruto: Either cursed … Why you do this?
Pein: Why’…? I was too concentrated in the destruction of Konoha … But I see now that you remember why I made this …. And now I’ll tell you …

The scene returns to Shikamaru and co.
Shikamaru: Katsuyu Information is not enough, we need to know a little something more to develop a strategy, the bodies of people killed by Pein could have important information.
INOC bombed eyes: Wait a second … I understand, I know what to do.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx

Can you predict what will happen in this chapter? You can post your predictions here!

For the meantime you can visit Naruto Chapter 434


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63 Responses to “Naruto 435 – Spoiler (Discussions and Predictions)”

  1. awww shit son this stuff is ill son wot yall dookies gon do wen i say kakashis dead an so is shizune that mother uckers soul suckin pain killed d bitch and now hes dead without any real revenge danm dis shit just damn it all
    oh nd naruto doesnt die untilo the end of the franchise else the show wont be called naruto duh

  2. IMO When Naruto gets out of sage he’ll just shout “run as far as you can! all of you!” and then he’ll use kyuubi. When he (finally) turns pain to ashes he’ll lose control.

  3. EI! GUYS! the writer of naruto just die!! OMG

  4. hey jin2sin its easier to write normally instead of looking like an idiot.

  5. Remember how in sage mode Naruto’s body is a lot stronger he could stay sage and then ask the fox for power but the foxes chakra cant create the cloak like it usually does because it cannot degrade the skin of Naruto like usual and so Naruto is thus in turn able to harness the power of the 9 tails. His eyes go red like usual when he goes 9 tails and his sage eyes narrow like the foxes but sideways. He creates a massive Rasen Shuriken with the foxes chakra and natural chakra and completely destroys PEIN!!!!
    The Demon Toad Sage lives!!!

  6. you all seem to forgot that gaara owes naruto one… and i think gaara will come through

  7. Pein: Kyuubi makes you against my Rinnegan
    Pein: Why’…? I was too concentrated in the destruction of Konoha … But I see now that you remember why I made this …. And now I’ll tell you …

    Pein: Uzumaki Nagato..

    *naruto cant activate rinnegan because of kuubi inside him since he was born.. lol…

  8. PAIN will die after Naruto goes 4 or 5 tails, and probably destroys the OTHER half of the village maybe

  9. oi, they’ve already confirmed the spoiler.

    1) Nothing big happens in this chapter other than some confirmation on some of the dead
    2) Pa toad will probably die/get hurt
    3) absorb pain will get turned into a frog
    4) Naruto couldn’t sense Kakashi at all, if he’s still alive his chakra is REALLY LOW. they showed a small cell of him a few chapters back, i don’t think he’s alive.
    5) Team Guy appearing in 436 is probable, unlike the rest of the village they haven’t been beaten up yet.
    6)Sasuke is not gonna show up, there is no point.

  10. You guys always leave words that might not true
    It would be best if you will let us see the raw manga itself… you only download .05% of it… still your words are not convincing… show the manga itself then you show your translation.. then it will be convincing.. anyway thank you but i rather wait next time if things will notchange in this particular site…

  11. fcuk. NO. it sucks if naruto lost all his chakra and gone kyuubi. i would love to see only hie true power not the kyuubi. i hope he wont resolt in using that until hes find another way to fuse with the kyuubi and his own power. that will be somethingg. i hope kazekage come to help him.

  12. white,
    be cool.. it’s just a ‘Predictions’.. why so serious? if dont want to believe it.. its up to you..

    p/s: just read the header on top.. “(Discussions and Predictions)”

  13. I think that the Itachi power protect naruto of Amateratsu or a thing like that! And Naruto in the next manga will realese Nine Tails!

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