Naruto Shippuuden: Hinata Hyuga


Hinata Hyuga is a member of Team 8 who suffers from a lack of self-confidence throughout the series. She is always reluctant to speak her mind or to do something that might antagonize another character, causing her difficulties whenever she is on a mission. This results in her effective expulsion from her clan even though she is the eldest daughter of the Hyuga clan’s leader and the heiress to the clan. Hinata’s inability to stand up for herself caused her father to disown her at a young age, leaving her in the care of her teacher, Kurenai \Yuhi. Masashi Kishimoto had originally intended Hinata to be a regular member of the Hyuga clan but instead made her a ninja. Soon after her introduction, Hinata begins training to become stronger, both to overcome her own weaknesses and to prove her worth to her father. Her efforts begin to prove successful towards the end of Part I, as her father takes a greater interest in her training.

Though Hinata’s training has in large part been to prove herself, she also trains to try and win the attention of series protagonist Naruto Uzumaki. Inspired by Naruto’s confidence and determination, Hinata becomes infatuated with Naruto, to the extent that she immediately blushes or faints upon seeing him. However, as the series progresses, she goes out of her way to help him. While Hinata has yet to openly admit her feelings for him, most characters (except for Naruto, who only considers her blushing “weird”) are aware of her feelings. In the anime, Hinata’s attempts to impress Naruto result in her creation of a new ability capable of instantly blocking or attacking anything in her extended field of vision. Her seiyū in the Japanese anime is Nana Mizuki, and her English voice actor is Stephanie Sheh.


Ninja Registration Number: 012612
Date of Birth: Dec 27 (Age 16 – Capricorn)
Height – 160 cm (5’3″) Weight – 45kg (99 lbs)
Personality: Shy, Shy (this is weird because he uses 2 different words to describe a shy person)
Favorite Food: hors d’oeuvres, cinnamon rolls
Least Favorite Food: crab, shrimp
Wants to fight: Hyuuga Neji, Hyuuga Hiashi
Favorite Word: Confidence
Hobby: Pressed flowers

Graduated academy: age 12
Promoted to Chuunin: age 14

Mission Experience:
D rank: 10
C rank: 14
B rank: 8
A rank: 1
S rank: 0

Ninjutsu: 3
Taijutsu: 3.5
Genjutsu: 2.5
Intelligence: 3.5
Power: 1.5
Speed: 2.5
Stamina: 2
Seals: 3


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8 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden: Hinata Hyuga”

  1. Aww, poor Hinata-chan T___T

  2. Would like to see her with Naruto..

  3. aq suks skali ma naruto

  4. She is just so timid. Her character is very much different from Sakura. I like her.

  5. i hope naruto will wif hinata

  6. Moim zdaniem Naruto powinien być z Hinata. Sakura do niego nie pasuje-nie cierpię jej!!!

  7. sara berharap nanatinya hinata akan hidup bahagia dengan naruto selamanya

  8. I hope that before the end of the Naruto story…Hinata will be with Naruto as his girlfriend. She has loved him since the beginning of the manga and is the only one to treat him kindly all of the time. I hope these two characters end up together:)

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