Naruto 436 – Confirmed Spoiler (Discussions and Predictions)

Verification: confirmed

Frame 1:
“Then another state of temporary peace will come upon us”

Frame 2:
(In these times where hatred flows freely)*
trans note: can’t quite make out text, so I am taking a guess at what this is saying. “…pain will give birth to a temporary peace… that is my wish.”


xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Inoichi thinks there is a high possibility that Pain is on some high mountain in Konoha.
(because it would make the chakra transfer easier)
Then it’s all conservation between Naruto and Tendou.

Pain wishes for peace and justice.
Naruto wishes for peace and justice.
Both have the same target but different means to achieve it.

Finally, the real body Nagato is shown.
Following is the spoiler writer’s opinion:
He looks like a skinny Orochimaru, sitting on some four-legged, wheelchair-like thing.
There are a lot of black rods piercing out from his back and his body has a lot of holes/pits.
Konan: Nagato had used up too much chakra.
Nagato, with his mouth bleeding: Peace will arrive soon.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Another Translation:

well, in this spoiler Pain talks about peace, pain, world etc. (his usual stuff).
Naruto looks into his eyes and transfered outside konoha.
It seems pain showing some stuff to him. Landlord with rinnegan, some slaughter.
Pain: “That’s an answer. That’s…”
Naruto: “Are you kiddin’? You call that peace?”.
Ino’s dad says Pain is probably on top of a mountain near Konoha, so as to transmit chakra better.
Naruto and Pain continue their conversation

What Nagato wants is peace and justice
What Naruto wants is peace and justice

So they want to go to the same place, they are just using different means

(Lots of talking, don’t have time to write, wait for ohana to give the rest)

We finally get to see Nagato.
He looks like a greedy Orochimaru (looks like Kishi has too few different characters)
He’s in a kind of wheelchair moving on all fours
He’s got lots of rods in his back, and holes here and there on his body

Konan: You’re using too much chakra
Nagato’s bleeding from the mouth
Nagato: Peace is so close…

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Another Spoiler:

Ino dad: I know! Where Pain’s real body is!
Shikamaru: Did you get something?
Ino: What do you mean?
Ino dad: Yeah… When I looked in the head of that guy from hidden rain that Jiraiya-sama caught, he was carrying dead bodies with his friend from the village

(man: we’re carrying dead bodies to the highest tower of the village. You know what is in there?)

Shikamaru: Carrying dead bodies?
Ino dad: Yes… You said it yourself earlier, in order to transmit the chakra signals, the receiver should logically be nearby. then… that guy said that among all the towers in hidden rain, it was the tallest tower they were carrying dead bodies to

(Dead body guy: Actually… The rumor is that Pain-sama is dwelling there)

Ino dad: In hidden rain, the rumor is that Pain was inside of that tallest tower. Then that girl appeared as Pain… It was the same girl whose dead body was being carried to that tall tower… It would mean that this tower is the place where they create Pain bodies by embedding those black stakes-like receivers into dead bodies
Shikamaru: So what is the connection with the position of the real body?
Ino dad: To transmit the chakra signals, the most efficient place is… To transmit as far away as possible, he had to be in the tallest tower
Anbu: I see… which means
Ino dad: Pain’s real body is on the highest place of Konoha…
Shikamaru: All right! Let’s investigate thoroughly tall places

437: What will Naruto do after listening to Pain!? Next, rapid development!!

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

What do you think Pein will tell Naruto? Just post your comments. Enjoy! 🙂

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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45 Responses to “Naruto 436 – Confirmed Spoiler (Discussions and Predictions)”

  1. the guy who is controlin pain is utchi madara.. and will see…

  2. Well, it is quite possible that Uchiha Madara is controlling Pain. That is probably his true identity. And Sasuke also plans to return to Konoha to destroy it, but seeing it already done by Pain in the first place, he MIGHT rejoin Naruto and come back to his senses and defeat Pain.

  3. Maybe the Real pain is among the dead bodies and is pushing chakra through them to change its frequency. The only thing that could support this theory is that inoici said thats it when they were talking about studying the dead bodies. It would be the perfect cover. If you hide among the dead bodies no one would notice you. They would just over look you not knowing if you were supposed to be there or not

  4. I thInk Uchiha madara didn’t control pain…!!!

    maybe the true pain is nagato..!!!

    because dojutsu of madara is less than dojutsu pain..!!!

  5. i think pain is hiding within the thoughts of the six path of pains. just like the way when uruchimaru is trapped in the thoughts of sasuke when he tried to take over its body… by that he can in and out of the 6 pains through frequency and the real body is in the akatsuki’s hide out… regarding on defeating pain naruto should use his kage bunshin to its limit and throw an attack in all radial direction on god realm pain well he can do a multiple attack of his technique because of its weakness (the five second interval)

  6. I found some spoiler… It says that Sasuke found out Danzo ordered killing of whole Uchiha clan. And also Danzo is controlling Pains. Probable fake, but who knows! 🙂

  7. @vele
    Thanks for the info. Maybe it is true, but i think it is not in the chapter 436. 🙂

  8. i believe that madara uchiha is not the real pain because madara is one of the founders of the village and is older than anyone alive in konoha making him older than the 3 sannin, and the one who has the eyes was just a kid. truth be told i think danzou has no affiliation with the akatsuki but plans to attack the hokage afterwards until he finds naruto in the village. I also think that while the villagers search for the real pain the real one will make kakashi into a pain puppet which leads to naruto holding back, that or kakashi is somehow brought back to life like gaara, because just like gaara they show his subconscious withdraw. Finally i think pain and naruto will face off and naruto will end up defeating him. when pain loses he acknowledges that he was wrong in his beliefs and asks for forgiveness realizing that peace can be obtained, but before he dies he gives naruto his powers(it may be that madara is so powerful he placed him under a genjutsu and is controlling him like that and during their battle after a fatal blow he wakes up and realizes what he’s done). then sooner or later hinata’s father or elder from the main household dies and believes naruto is the future and trusts him with his power after telling him to protect hinata (maybe hinata dies and gives him her power which will be messed up cuz they should end up 2gether). After a while naruto ends up facing sasuke( who’s pissed madara sent pain to destroy the village) and Madara and sasuke betrays madara but is almost killed while he and naruto fight madara, at that point the powers given to naruto are activated and he creates a new eye technique that has all the powers of the sharingan,ninengan,and byakugan. also somewhere along the way naruto will somehow purify the ninetails and integrate his chakra into his body gaining full control.

    Reasons for beliefs:
    the clans with eye techniques fear others getting their bodies and finding the secrets of their powers and gaining them, meaning others can ge them.

    the child pain was originally good and wants to “save” everyone through destruction because he was unable to do as jaraiya said, so the present pain is just confused.

    jaraiya said that the 4th hokage split the nine tails into yin and yang and only placed the yang in naruto (meaing he doesn’t have the binjuu’s full power and thats why he only goes to 4 tails
    which means he might be able to control it and the frog key jaraiya left behind has the other half and when naruto overpowers his half that half is placed in him and he finally gains all the power and adds the chakra to himself destroying the fox and just giving him power.

    hopfully hinata and naruto end up 2gether

  9. George: I think you have something. It sounds like what Naruto does with his Kage Bunshin jutsu (the body transfer) combined with the puppet technique (the ability to control multiple bodies with chakra). I could be wrong. And, it could be a reason why no one has been able to defeat Pain – his constant transferring between the chakra-linked bodies.

  10. i think the real pain is in akatsuki hideout and is using someone else’s body just when itachi and kisame aginst kakshi team and gai team

  11. naruto would have easily won against pain if he had used nine tails chakra

  12. its pretty obvious to me what shikaku figured out. he cant find nagato because his chakra is allways changing freq. do you remember the pain body that Jyria sent back? do you remember the chakra rod they removed? he figured out that is the key to finding nagato. he will use the chakra rod to home in on him.

  13. naruto comes to know someone is shadows controlling them this teknic is from shikamaru cline so some one is in village is controlling or helping pain naruto gets help by the person who tells (that’s it i got it) at last he comes to know who is missing and say to hinata she say to naruto at last naruto chakara is over he comes to know real pain and he use last stage chakra pain will fall for his last trap and he gets killed with naruto new mirror bunchine new teknic made by naruto at his training time in frog village it will confused pain get killed by naruto

  14. good


  16. You …!How can Konan controlls PEIN!!!(not Pain)She is weak!!!

  17. then who is she going to go see when she says “i’m coming to see you now.” (manga 430 pg. 14)

  18. Danzou cannot be controlling pain otherwise he would have those funny rods sticking out of him. Although Madara may be controlling him. Pein will get desperate and use his last body to attack naruto or warn Madara. OR he will be found by Naruto and co and once he is defeated he will tell naruto where sasuke is. Tsunade will be taken out by Danzou and co and naruto will probably become Hokage. Zetsu hasn’t really done much so far so watch out for him.

  19. pMaybee All the Pains turn into frogs. The frog elder told naruto he would turn into a frog if one of his shadow clones did. Maybee all Pains will suddenly turn into a frog. May not happen but it would be funny if it did.

  20. i think naruto will defeat pain no question becuase the shows main support is naruo without him its nothing. Plus sasuke and naruto still need to meet face to face so the question is not whether naruto deafeats pain its how he does it.

  21. next chapter i call it the revenge of the frogs. ma frog would strike back and then killed. gama tries together with the other 2 yet fails. naruto pinned on the floor got mad and used the slug for a combo attack. acid jutsu hit pein temporarily immobilized him. other scene showing showing hinata ang shika. boring next chapter.

  22. the real pain is nagato, ino’s father will find the real pain, konan will protec the real pain body while pain controling the dead body. with his sword pain will controling naruto’s chakra that can cause ninetails very angry.

  23. Possibly that Pein is related to Naruto?
    Do you guys think that it could be possible that Pein will use Kakashi’s body?

  24. Guys……Anyone remember where pain was first seen? If I’m not mistaken we first see God Realm on top of a radio tower. He’s a long ways away, and using the tower to broadcast the signal. That would also explain the different frequencies because radio waves are sine waves. Just a theory……Tell me what you think

  25. Negato is in the other city in the building where all the bodies were originally taken to/

  26. hello… i have another thought the above post might be true but it would require a lot of chackra to send a frequency at that far. its so risky… and if i were to think pain and naruto are not just related as students of jeraiya but i think they both belong to the same blood line but i think naruto never did ever descover that and that might be what god realm will tell naruto on chapter 436…

  27. hello… i have another thought the above post might be true but it would require a lot of chackra to send a frequency at that far. its so risky… and if i were to think pain and naruto are not just related as students of jeraiya but i think they both belong to the same blood line but i think naruto never did ever descover that and that might be what god realm will tell naruto on chapter 436…

  28. i think nagato was crazy 😛

  29. Maybe Konan, Yahiko and Nagato had to experience another war after Jiraiya left them. Nagato might have tried to protect the other two and by doing so, uses up too much of his chakra. Yahiko might’ve gotten killed in the war. Konan, meanwhile, might’ve tried to look for Jiraiya to ask for help, and instead found bodies of men Jiraiya had defeated. After returning with these bodies, she might’ve found Yahiko’s dead body and used them all up to create Pain? maybe, so that Nagato’s chakra could flow into them?

    I think also that Tobi, because he had the power to manipulate Sasuke into thinking about destroyig the village, he might’ve used that power to make Nagato think that destroying Konohagakure was the way to peace. Just a thought…

  30. yes, naruto will defeat pein no matter what, pein must be hiding in somewhere unusual place near his puppet


  32. thos blak stuff ar defenetly chakra transmittrs or whatevr

  33. in my opinion this the real body of pain , he very weak .

    but his chakra very powerful.

  34. don’t worry i will protect naruto for u all and hinata also i will use my chakra and save village i am new super late entry hero i am downloding chakra lol……….see u soon with new updates

  35. INOPAPA: I have known! Where the body of the pane!
    MARCEL deer: I’ve noticed that News?
    Ino: I?
    INOPAPA: Oh man … I remember when Sono Sato覗ITA to bear in mind the rain that was captured hiding in a self也様had come to carry the dead to work with colleagues.

    (Men: Do you know something is there that the highest tower in the Kono Sato us carry the corpse?)

    MARCEL deer: carrying a dead body?
    INOPAPA: Yeah … the one that sends a signal to the first chakra squid rings a bell with the words before you are in a sense to stay as close to the receiving body of the tower … Oh man that is hiding a few rain BIARU I will carry the body ITA事the highest tower in the …

    (Male body: a rumor that is fact … and I think you have the pane in there)

    INOPAPA: hidden in the rain Pain and Pain is a woman’s appearance had been rumored to be in the highest tower …
    Allais was the same shape as the body of the woman was rushed to the towers … its high towers is that it was also a testing ground to make the pane embed the body is like a pile of black chakra receiver
    MARCEL Deer: What’s News? Leads a pane of the console where it is?
    INOPAPA: the most efficient place to send a signal Chakra – the highest tower JANAKYA had to send far more widely
    Dark side: I see … that’s just that
    INOPAPA: Pain is the body of the things I happen to be where most of the leaves …
    MARCEL deer: Yes! I hunt in high places if you crush a louse

    This is just the beginning.
    Nagato’s last conversation with Conan. UP already

  36. You guys are so stupid that’s nagato

  37. […] Naruto 436 – Confirmed Spoiler (Discussions and Predictions) Verification: confirmed […]

  38. Who’s the girl who provided these spoilers?
    Where is she from?

  39. MAI, you have something there. Its possible, good analysis

  40. I wonder what will happen next.God! cant wait to read this!

  41. I think sasuke will kiss naruto again.

  42. mai, u r fucking awesome..

  43. Great color on the pics! Did you do that?

  44. Nope. I got it in deviantart. 🙂

  45. english version out

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