Naruto 437 – Confirmed Spoiler with PICS (Discussions and Predictions)



Spoiler Pic Transation:

In the spoiler pic, the black text next to Kyuubi Naruto says something along the lines of:
“There are 6 tails…!! Naruto boils with past emotion!!”

And the last panel with pain he says..
“That’ll do…
But… my pain exceeds yours.”

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


Here come the spoilers.

シカマル達は カツユを通し動けるものに2人1組のチームを作り
Shikamaru’s group. Katsuyu continues moving; One two-man team is formed. A search for the real body was ordered.

ガイ班は ネジが吹っ飛ばされた蛙を発見する
Gai’s group. Neji discovers the blown away frog.
Neji: “Why is Jiraiya’s frog summon in a place like this?
Gai: “Whaat?”
Something serious is going on…

Back to Naruto’s conversation. Tendou black rods are stabbed into multiple places in Naruto’s body.
Due to Nagato’s chakra, not a single finger can move anymore.
Mama frog goes to Naruto.
“That kid Jiraiya and Papa and everyone have entrusted their lives to you
That’s why, don’t be deceived by him” Mama shouts something like that.
Tendou uses Shinra-something, Mama frog’s dead? Note: Shinra-Tensei.

Furthermore, Hinata appears in front of Naruto.
天道  「増援?」
Tendou “Reinforcements?”
ナルト 「何ででてきたヒナタじゃそいつにはかなわ・・」
Naruto “Hinata, why? Get out. This person will just brush you away”
ヒナタ 「ウン」
Hinata “Yup”.
ヒナタ 「これは私の独りよがり…」
Hinata “This is my happiness”.
ヒナタ 「今ここにたっているのは自分の意志」
Hinata “I am here now of my own will.”
I remember my old self… From here I was thinking of cheering you on in a variety of ways,
yet I was always rescued by Naruto-kun’s smiling face.
ヒナタ 「ナルト君を守れるならこの命失ってもかまわない」
Hinata “If it’s to protect Naruto-kun, my life doesn’t matter.”
ヒナタ 「私はナルト君が大好きだから…」
Hinata “I really like Naruto-kun that’s why…”
Hinata recklessly attacks Tendou.
ヒナタ 「柔歩双獅拳」
Hinata “Juubusoujiken” (Gentle Step Twin Lion Punch)
Hinata’s technique hit’s God Realms Shinra Tensei.
Hinata was thrown to the ground…
Tendou drops down and uses the chakra rods on the unconscious Hinata.

Blood is flowing out of Hinata’s body.

長門 「俺の両親も俺の目の前で木の葉の忍びどもに殺された
Nagato: I have killed my parents and Konoha’s shinobi in front of me as well. Affection… (remembers something)

ナルト ヒナタが目の前で惨殺された事により
Naruto: You’ve murdered Hinata in front of me…. Because of that… Chou Kyuubijin 6 metamorphosis!!! (6-tails. The writing is a mess). Note: Super 9 tailed man 6 metamorphosis lolol
Eyes are visible, coming out in front, a black figure, A 6 tailed-animal wearing the skull of a youko (fox demon)
Even seeing this really horrifying figure, Tendou (Nagato) is unfazed.
Tendou (Nagato) “Let me see if your Pain is comparable to mine.”

The end.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

DISCUSSIONS for Naruto Chapter 436

Here’s more! According to Itachi (Chapter 386, page 11), Madara formed the Akatsuki, and according to the latest Chapter (Chapter 436, page 14), Pein created the Akatsuki. Here’s the pic. Who do you think is the true leader, founder, and creator of Akatsuki? PEIN or MADARA!? Post your reactions.

While waiting you can visit Naruto Chapter 436 and Naruto 436 – Spoiler.


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156 Responses to “Naruto 437 – Confirmed Spoiler with PICS (Discussions and Predictions)”


  2. anybody knows a reaction of the japanese fans of naruto because of mangá n° 437?

  3. To

    That is a great theory. However my only objection is this. Chapter 407 Madara tells Pain “The Leaf will be looking for you now, the longer you wait the more time they’ll have to plan, get moving before things get problematic” and then he says “only two more tailed beast, Sasuke is taking care of the 8 tails” Konan asks “can he handle that?” Madara says “Sasuke will succeed, I guarantee it”

    Madara sent Pain to get Naruto, he obviously feels Sasuke will have no problem getting the 8 tails just as he feels pain would have no problem getting the 9 tails. His whole goal is to get all 9 of the beasts. He obviously has never and wouldn’t interfered with the detaining of a beast…Obviously.

    When Pain arrives in Konoha, Danzo kills the messenger frog that is suppose to tell Pa and Naruto that Pain is in Konoha. So if Danzo/Madara/Tobi were all the same people why would he kill the messenger frog that is suppose to bring the 9 tails to Pain?

  4. I don’t think Naruto is a member of kimimaru’s clan or has susanoo I think the bones signify that naruto is getting closer to fully becoming the nine tailed fox himself or at least a miniture version.

  5. he’s not a member of Kimimaru’s clan he’s just getting closer to unleach the nine tail fox’s full power 9 tails mode

  6. Take a look into the manga and than you will realize
    that Hinata coud be still alive.
    Its really simple. She say something after Naruto transformed into the “six-tail-mode”

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