Anime Character: Pein

Pein’s real name is Nagato, and his kekkei genkai is called the Rinnegan eye, a form of Doujutsu. He is in his forties and has this special jutsu that allows him to have 7 bodies. It’s not the shadow clone jutsu, though. This jutsu allows him to control seven different bodies with his mind. It was originally six bodies but another one was discovered in the manga.

In the episodes and the manga it’s said that he uses the rain to sense his opponent’s chakra or presence. He kills Jiraiya with this six body technique too. All the members in the Akatsuki refer to him as a god because of his Kage-like strength. Pein also has another form other than the one he’s in now. The form he is in now is not his own. He is using the form of his old dead teammate named Yahiko, who died in the Rain Village war. Nagato assumed his form and said that Yahiko was dead. He kept building up his Doujutsu and started to go by the name of Pein.

Pein and Konan had been teammates back in their younger Genin days in the Rain Village. They had Yahiko on their team as well. Jiraiya had come to the village many many years ago to help the Rain with the war they were about to undergo and took a liking to the three and helped them train. Jiraiya had seen that Nagato had a special ability that was known as the Rinnegan eye and helped him develop it as much as he could.

After Yahiko was killed, Pein gathered a few other Rain ninja, including Konan, and started a war with a man named Sanshuoo no Hanzou. (I’m guessing he was the current leader of the Hidden Rain village.) Pein eventually killed Hanzou including all of his friends, family, associates, and eventually the whole village. After a while, Pein and Konan decided to go to Madara Uchiha, the current leader and founder of the Akatsuki Organization. They became members of the Akatsuki and eventually Pein became leader.


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