Naruto – Chapter 437 – “Confession”

The latest chapter from the Japanese Naruto manga series, fresh from the pages of my bible, the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, has been released! Entitled: Confession – this 437th chapter can be given a download by absolutely anybody who wants to download it!


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~ by edgarluvitug on February 27, 2009.

30 Responses to “Naruto – Chapter 437 – “Confession””

  1. Yes its just only Hinta! Now Sakura can replace Hinta.

  2. Naruto go all out with pain rip him out. Man if naruto just did that early all these death can be avoided.

  3. And yes i’m the first!

  4. Hinta “b/c i love you” … * cough cough * really!!!!? comon kishi is that all you can come with! cough HORSE SHIT!

  5. Page 15 doesn’t work

  6. Jiyria = death (Naruto reaction : cry about + flash black)
    Kakashi = dead (Naruto reaction : gloomily)
    Ma+Pa = dead (Naruto reaction : try to save them but unable. Get piss off)
    Hinta = dead? (Naruto reaction: yell telling her you can’t defend pain gtfo. naruto told you soo. pain pwn HINTA like that lol. Naruto go Kyubbi mode comon i though he was going save till sakura was going jump in .)
    I’ve wonder what’s neji reaction to Hinta being pwn by pain.

  7. Page 15 works

  8. Now we can see the power itachi gave to naruto, SUSANO, see how kyubis now has a sketeltal body like Itachi’s SUSANO?

  9. thanks. i already fix it.

  10. Naruto uber powerful?

  11. Nobody knows what can Naruto do now since Pain never faced Naruto in Kyubbi. Can’t wait for next chapter. Naruto’s Kyubbi transformation is fucking godly awesome

  12. maybe he can kill pein this time.

  13. Is your theme free?

  14. Yup. this is 100% free.

  15. Naruto uber powerful indeed. Because of Hinata. He finally got the acceptance he’s been looking for, and it’s been taken away within a minute of him getting it. I think 6 tails is about justified…

  16. i dont want hinata to die..

  17. Agreed, though we’ve seen people recover from similar (remember Neji’s hole-in-the-chest?). Still shocked though.

  18. kishi is so unpredictable. 🙂

  19. kishi is going make naruto with a future with many wifes. who knows and make sakuke all jealous.

  20. I’ve hope everyone who’s reading Naruto manga online is supporting kishi by buy his Naruto manga/mech/dvd/etc. I can’t stand the dub english of naruto voice believe it! it is the worse! believe it!believe it!believe it!believe it!

  21. I have a theory other than susanoo on the bones. I heard someone mention from an interview that Kishi would have naruto learn about a secret bloodline he had. I bring this up becase I think naruto may have a relative of the KAGUYA clan (Kimmimaru from sound 5).

    Remember his mother Kushina was from whirlpool, I would guess close to mist. When distroyed she was saved or moved to konoha while everybody else went to mist. I say this becasue not a lot is known about the Kaguya clan other than the bloodline massacres. I think it would be perfect considereing Zabuza came from mist and would have had a perfect bloodline with haku’s ice right under his noze. Plus if you look closed an the arms of naruto, the bone originates from UNDER the chackra. Maybe from even under his own skin.

    Now this is just a theory, dont cuss me out and stuff, I think just as good as the susanoo explanation. TELL me what ya think?

  22. This may even be a similary situation to the one with Sakury. Remember naruto attacked her in this form. Whouldn’t it be ironic if Hinata could calm him down where Sakura failed. I think it would be intersting

  23. I assume your HINANARU fan.
    I’m for SAKura/naru fan!
    For the bone. We have to wait for next chapter too see what Naruto new ablility/attacks . We don’t know about the 6 tail mode even do it might do a gigantic beam!

  24. i also a fan of Naruto/Sakura. But i dont want hinata to die. She’s so cute!

  25. If Hinata dies i don’t think kakashi will survive either. Kishi had become one sick sob latley. and i like it. except for the Hinata thing(she my fav)

  26. naruto gets thrilling.but the story would seemed have a mediocre ending. <–online anime magazine

  27. hay!!!! if she’s dead i’m pissed she’s my favrite person in the manga

  28. HInata’s not gonna die. Kishimoto said he’s not gonna kill off and rookie characters. Sakura (my fav girl character) saves her. I dont care if Naruhina happens or not. Im a SASUSAKU fan. I just wish Sasuke and Sakura has some type of confrontation.

  29. NARUHINA 4EVA !!! Sakura is really amateur!See “does naruto loves Hinata?” Essay in yahoo answers!!!Its amazing! I forgot the exact words but it was in Yahoo! Answers! Luv it!I didn’t pay attention to couples b4 reading it!But now ROYAI too!!!

  30. When will I ever draw the way they do manga? I wish I have the skills and talent. I love Naruto drawings and pictures.

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