Naruto 439 – Confirmed Spoilers with COLORED PICS (Discussions and Predictions)


Kyuubi: You!!!

Naruto: Yondaime…Hokage…

Yondaime: I made the seal such that when it’s on the brink of being released I would appear in your mind. Though I don’t want this to happen, because I don’t want to see you again…Kyuubi. But I’m glad to see my grown up son…so things even out.

OMG, Yondaime reveals it himself.


Nagato is using Chibaku Tensei
Kanon stops [him?].[She tells him to stop, maybe?]
Nagato coughs up blood, “Shut up for a bit, bitch”, and concentrates.

KN chases Pain.
Their conversation is nothing but “GUWOOOOOOOOO””
[This next line talks something about the ground, orbs, KN and capture]
(That’s what [i] think Chibaku is)

Nagato: Regardless, the capture of Kyuubi is successful.

Naruto asks himself about peace.
Kyuubi: Unfasten the seal! Entrust your mind completely to me!
The seal on Naruto’s belly is out of place? Naruto is bleeding from his belly.

Yamato: Eight! This is bad! This is REALLY bad!!
Naruto tries to take off the seal on the cage, and then Yondaime appears.

Minato (fourth Hokage): But I wish you wouldn´t do that(he must be talking about the previous untranslated bubble)
By the way, we see each other again…

Naruto: But…

Minato: To watch how your child grows up…
it´s almost funny

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

While waiting…

What do you think Pein’s secret technique? Where is the real Pein hidding?

Chibaku Tensei (地爆天星) – Surface Burst Heavenly Subjugation.

A “Surface Burst” is a type of explosion where the blast is at surface level or just above surface level, such that the radius of the fireball causes a crater and sends a shockwave through the ground. In contrast with an “Air Burst”, the overall destructive radius of a surface burst is smaller but the destruction at ground zero is more concentrated. Usually used to describe nuclear explosions.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Konoha – beginning of Naruto Shippuuden

Present Konoha (The Battle Ground)

Can you predict what will happen next? Post your predictions. Enjoy! 🙂

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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35 Responses to “Naruto 439 – Confirmed Spoilers with COLORED PICS (Discussions and Predictions)”

  1. it~!!!chibaku tensei!!

  2. i think naruto wont get injured by the attack cuz nagato is weak n doesnt havent alot of chakra to make such a huge blast or maybe sauke will jump out of the blue and help thems

  3. i think the power itachi gave Naruto was a copie of his Sharingan and i think naruto will control the fox

  4. […] Naruto 439 – Spoiler I will post confirmed spoilers here of the next chapter of Naruto Manga, Chapter439. Just wait for it. xxxxx xxxxx […] […]

  5. i don’t think naruto will be able to use itachi’s gift on this battle. i think itachi’s gift is solely for a sasuke and naruto fight or something that naruto can use in case he ends up fighting sasuke

  6. I have the feeling Kakashi is not dead and will solve the situation at the end. Pein siad during his fight against kakashi that letting him alive would have brought a lot of problems to him. And technically he didn’t finished him……

  7. Pein launches his final attack naruto takes control of the fox does a quaddrupile Wind shuriken rasengan and kills pains last body then the real pain decides to use his ultimate technique to the horror of his acomplice paper lady

  8. every one once sasake to appear out of the blue and save the day i wont happen Its not his turn but i am curious to know what effect breaking the first hokage neckles has on the out come of the sealing technique and just on the over amount of tails will see

  9. the key of the seal can reforce by that frog in chapter 370 jiryia say to that frog store urself with naruto?that means the seal will reforce and the nine tail will dissapper but what will then?i cant prdict

  10. i think “maybe” (more than likely untrue but) i think it would be intersting if white fang was still alive. explains the disapperence of kakashi. tobi = white fang? just a theory guys. but could be intersting.

  11. wow.! yondaime…! and what’s happening to the 6 tailed naruto? I can’t wait to read this chapter..

  12. Kyuubi killed my father!
    I’m your father!
    Nooo!!! 😀

  13. looks like kyubi got 8 tails theres for his muscles ave started to cover naruto

  14. wwwaaaaawww
    por naruto narut will no that yondaime is hes father and naruhina will be sooon real hahahahahahha gana

  15. looks like kyubi got 8 tails theres for his muscles ave started to cover naruto

    yes i think so

  16. Yondaime is just an imagination created by the seal?

  17. Waw Kishi really surprised us all!! No wonder nobody told naruto who he’s real father is. Kishi must’ve been preparing for this moment. Part of Minato was sealed within the seal that Naruto is sealed. hehe get it? So 8 tails was the tipping point, rendering Minato to appear. If you are familiar with Harry Potter its similar to the spell when his wand met voldemort.

  18. OMG! Yondaime! Finally Naruto will know who his father is! ^.^
    But, what will happen with Konoha? It’s completly destroyed! o.O

  19. Lol i think this is the best spoiler i read since i can’t remember Naruto get’s hit with Chibiku Tensei dosent feel a tickle he than goes 8 tails on God realm ” i think god real is gonna die if not now than in the following 2 mangas at most ” probably konan is gonna turn her back on akatsuki because of how nagato’s been treating her bu hu hu and i’me really curious to see what naruto’s reaction is gonna be on finding out yondaime was his dad Kishi sure knows how to keep the public interested “I CAN ONLY STAY IN FRONT OF THE MONITOR AND DROOOL ON HOW COOL THE ANIME EPISODES WILL BE WHEN THEY GET TO THIS POINT” EDGAR ADRIAN THX FOR POSTING THE PICS 😉

  20. Whoah! Naruto just got uber exciting! And wht an amazing surprise indeed. Naruto gets to see his father . . . and tadah! It’s the Yondaime, himself! We can just imagine the emotional effect of all these upheavals to Naruto (most recently, the “deaths” of Kakashi and Hinata) and then suddenly he sees Minato referring to him as his son, and how glad he is to see him as a grown-up. And Nagato shall know that Naruto’s pain is much much greater than his. And so he finally succumbs to Naruto giving him a massive dose of his own definition of “peace.”

  21. me, i don’t like to wait for the anime coz its so damn long to wait for the episodes and it’s so far behind the manga. but it’s also nice to see the anime if you want to see the characters moving. One thing that’s bothering me, if Yondaime is alive or if it’s just an image created by that seal. Well, it’s a scene that we’ll be waiting… hahaaaaaiz.. this is so god damn exciting! if Yondaime is alive, i can’t wait to see him fighting! @-)

  22. its surprisfull to see this spolier youndime is here kishi surprise us all but what about the frog which in chapter 370?????????????//

  23. Daaaaamn. This is amazing!

    I hope that Naruto goes crazy and kills everyone, though. How’s that for tragedy? ;D

  24. hahahaha! lol! that’s the craziest thing kishi would do!

  25. Lol, but it’d be so awesome! And it would totally redeem Naruto for the people who aren’t Minato or NaruHina fans! 8D

  26. holy christ the great 4th hokage is coming i been waiting for this day since i started to understand the whole manga story line like 3 years ago , 4TH HOKAGE this is going to be epic cant wait for this one and this spoiler looks very real

  27. This explains a bit about the reaper death seal that sandaime hokage used to seal orochimaru’s arms. he said that the souls of the two would be sealed forever. it was the same seal yondaime used on naruto. it would explain why yondaime appeared and was watching over naruto.

  28. well it isnt possible for naruto to go 8 tails unless the seal is removed, and every1 thinks that naruto cant handle it but i think that close to the end naruto and the fox demon make a truce b4 the final fight, then he uses fusion with the fox demon ( just like gaara and the sand demon ) and, well theres gonna be a lot of epicness involved… just think about it naruto using sage chakra and the foxes power, sasuke would have his hands full but itll be a fair fight since sasukes learned a brand new eye technique.

  29. Wtf wtf wtf wtf shit shit shit now dis is wat i am talking about the great and strongest shinobi in history the yodaime hokage himself….DAMN.

  30. in 440

    i think Yondaime…Hokage will help naruto by telling about Surface Burst Heavenly Subjugation Chibaku Tensei all tecknic fales Kyuubi wll kick pains Nagato ass

  31. I wonder if The 4th Hokage will teach naruto his yellow flash jutsu or if he will temporaley take over naruto or be released by him since he is part of the seal i don’t know about you guys but i want to see konhona’s yellow flash against pain oh and awesome job kishi

  32. Yondaime rulez!

  33. No No No.. I don’t want Yondy interfere with the fight bet. naruto and pain… tsk tsk tsk…

  34. OMG! Naruto found out by the man himself, the YONDAIME! Hope he helps Naurto control the damn fox so Naruto can kill Pain! And I dont think Hinata is dead, just knocked out, it would just be to wrong for her to be dead after confessing to Naruto. But i do wonder when the heck Sasuke is suppose to show up, I hope Sakura kicks his ass and shows him that she is strong. He deserves to get his ass handed to himself by her.

  35. pein is not real at all!

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