Naruto – Chapter 440 – “A Conversation with the 4th!!”

It’s here! The 440th chapter from the Japanese Naruto manga series has now been released completely translated in to English and edited in to a higher quality from the original version which appeared in the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Entitled: A Conversation with the 4th!! – this chapter, can be given a direct download by absolutely anybody who wants it, just click the download link below.


You can also visit Naruto 440 – Spoilers and Naruto – Chapter 439.


~ by edgarluvitug on March 19, 2009.

9 Responses to “Naruto – Chapter 440 – “A Conversation with the 4th!!””

  1. RELEASED EARLY!! I can’t wait for the next chapter!! 😯

  2. your not the only one

  3. its hard for waiting, very long time for next chapter again.Is naruto have an ability for fight with pain again.

  4. @black saber
    both of them are tired.. haha.. but naruto has friends who will help him..

  5. f^ck! that was a total rip off!!!
    guess i should’ve seen that coming! i mean it was a father-son union after all…but…I had so much hopes for this chapter! this truly sucks!!! *whine*

  6. hey guys what about the half-chakra the 4th sealed in naruto??? where is the other half-chakra??? did he sealed it within himself??? I’m so disappointed that naruto doesn’t have all of the kyuubi charkra sealed in him if there would be a way to unseal the other half kyuubi chakra and seal it within naruto for some sort of reason it would be great… wouldn’t it??? but most of all i wanna know what will happen in next episodes will naruto forgive pein or will he kill him and find Uchiha Madara???

    and something that my friend said about Madara he thinks that there are two of them i mean he thinks that there might be two of Tobi… and at the end what about the conversation that Naruto and itachi had??? i think itachi pretended that sasuke would find out the truth after itachi implanted his eyes in him and died… and so he told naruto about what happened in the past and the same things madara said to sasuke but maybe itachi said everything as it was and not as madara lied about the attack with the kyuubi because now we know that Minato knew that it was Madara after all behind the attack… so after i read all the manga from that episode again i think naruto know the truth and will tell sasuke everything and stop him… i dont know much about it but if you want read the manga episodes from the 397 till you get what i am talking about!!! see ya guys!!!

  7. oh yes sorry for writing again i just forgot to mention about the power itachi gave to naruto hope we’ll find out soon what kind of power is that!!!

  8. I heard i rumor that naruto might have a twin and that’s where the other half went but hey who really knows i kind of doubt it though. I think that naruto will leave pein alive and they’ll fight together to kill madara/tobi. i think the power that was givin to naruto was to stop sasuke but i don’t think it will kill him because madara said that itachi was always protecting sasuke but hey who really knows.

  9. Wow! That is a nice jacket. I like that. How can I get one for me?

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