Naruto 442 – Confirmed Spoilers with COLORED PICS – 442 is OUT, just click the LINK below (Discussions and Predictions)



i knew it!!!!!
his hair is red!!!!
let the kushina related to nagato theories begin.

Pain: The clones gathered to absorb the shock.
Pain: A pussy like you can’t find the answer, just give up!

ジャンプ表紙はナルト (ナルト・サクラ・カカシの3人)
The cover of Jump is Naruto (Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi)

The little picture on the spine of Jump is Asuma

とじこみ付録で 10thクロニクル・ブックが付属
There is a “10th Chronicle Book” included in this issue of Jump

(It’s basically a summary of the last 10 years of Naruto)

The two page color spread is of Konan, Nagato and Yahiko as children and as they are now

With Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke on the other page as children and as they are now

The color page is of everybody surrounding Sakura as she heals Hinata

(Spoiler Person comment about the sheer size of Hinata’s boobs)

As everyone talks about how all this could have happened (Pain coming, Konoha getting blown up, etc.)

サクラ (ナルトの為にこんな事を…)みたいな事思う
Sakura thinks something along the lines of “You’d do all this for Naruto’s sake…” (likely thinking about Hinata)

Gai says that he will go help Naruto!!

But Katsuyu tells him that he’ll just get in the way so he shouldn’t go…

Katsuyu says that Naruto has an idea so they should leave it to him

Another comment from the spoiler person comment insulting Team Gai.

Scene changes to Naruto

The two kagebunshin try to grab Tendou’s feet so Pain can’t dodge the second Rasenshuriken but Pain produces black rods from each of his hands and manages to dodge the second Rasenshuriken.

(Sage mode is now over)

大量のガレキに変化していたナルト100人位が一斉に天道めがけて攻撃を仕掛けるが時間切れで全員吹っ飛ば されてしまうが
Around 100 or so Naruto’s who had used Henge to turn into debris around the battlefield all pounce on Tendou Pain at once but they run out of time and Pain uses his technique to push them all away.

The remaining three Narutos then produce a Rasengan.

天道 (あれは飛ばないこの距離なら大丈夫だ)
Tendou (thinking): That version of the technique can’t fly so I should be fine at this distance.

Tendou shouts at Naruto, “Those who can’t produce an answer should….give up!” (The spoiler writer can’t remember the lines exactly)

ナルト 俺が諦めるのを…諦めろ!
Naruto: Maybe you should give up on…me giving up!


  • As Naruto says this the two kagebunshin throw Naruto and the chapter ends with Naruto and the Rasengan hitting Tendou Pain.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


Great! Hinata is 100% alive.

Team GUY finally returns to the village.

The battle between Pein and Naruto will end next week, what do you think will happen? Kishimoto says “A Surprising Conclusion Awaits”.

Kishimoto always surprise us… 😯

Maybe Madara will appear.. or Sasuke.. or other Akatsuki members..

Maybe Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Shizune are still alive..

Where is Danzo and some of his allies?

Where is Kabuto (including Orochimaru)?

What do you think will happen to Konoha after the battle?

Feel free to post your comments and predictions. Enjoy! 🙂

Here is the YouTube summary of Naruto and Pein’s Battle.

You can also visit Naruto 441 – Spoilers and Naruto – Chapter 441.


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  1. Maybe naruto has a rinnegan (from Kushina) and sharingan (from Itachi). That’s cool!! Rinnegan (Naruto) vs Sharingan (Sasuke)!

  2. I wonder if he decided last minute to make Nagato’s hair red … I mean, Kushina’s hair is supposed to be that red and it wasn’t colored so dark as to look black in print.

  3. Nagato: “Naruto… I am your UNCLE.”
    Naruto: “NOOOOOO!!!! IT’S NOT POSSIBLE!!!”
    Nagato: “Search your feelings, Naruto. You know it to be true!”

  4. nagato and naruto sound alot alike

  5. Nice one. Thank you for the link. I also like the background music.

  6. Go Go naruto

  7. no gosto

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