Naruto 443 – Confirmed Spoilers (Discussions and Predictions)


Pain is defeated by Rasengan.
Naruto pulls out a black rod from Pain and stabs himself with it.
He locates Nagato’s whereabouts.
Naruto’s flashback.
About happiness and peace.

Hinata is gradually recovering under Sakura’s treatment.
Team Gai and Sakura hear from Katsuyu that Naruto had finally beaten Pain.

Neji says he wants to go after Naruto.
Katsuyu tries to stop him but to no avail.

Shikaku arrives and sees Naruto.
Naruto tells him he is going to Pain’s real body alone.
Ino’s dad tries to stop him.
Shikaku thinks about his conversation with Shikamaru and decides to entrust it totally to Naruto.

The papers wrapping around the tree open up.

Nagato: Go, Konan.
Konan: Nagato

Naruto: The one at the back is your real body!?
Nagato: Peace will arrive soon

The thoughts of Naruto and Nagato.

The End.

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Naruto 442 Discussions / 443 Predictions

Hinata was rescued because of Sakura’s healing ability.

Naruto is still a Genin (The Strongest Genin).

The last path of the 6 Peins was destroyed.

What do you think will happen next?

I guess Naruto is out of chakra, he can’t search for the real Pein.

Maybe someone will help Naruto..

or someone will help Nagato..

Heres more! The Red Hair Mystery..

From the last Naruto Manga, Chapter 442..

Did you notice that Kushina and Nagato have the same hair color?

What do you think about Kushina and Nagato’s relationship?

Same clan? Same bloodline? or just a coincidence?

What if Naruto has a Rinnegan too..?

Rinnegan vs Sharingan?

That would be GREAT!

Feel free to post your comments and predictions. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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13 Responses to “Naruto 443 – Confirmed Spoilers (Discussions and Predictions)”

  1. what are the functions of there are different uses of sharingan. if naruto have rinnegan what will he do with it

  2. I think naruto will find the real pain, but as for a fight i am not sure. i don’t he is strong enough to take care of the rest of pain and konan, but i do think the real pain is on his last leg if not dead as it is with all the chakra he spent and blood he coughed up. I mean he did just do a hell of a battle with the 6 paths of pain and spent a crap load of chakra secondly i hate to be a party pooper but just because hinata is alive which i am very glad for but that does not mean sauske wont kill her later =”( but my guess when danzo finally crawls out of the hole he will bump into sauske my guess if sauske kills anyone leaf nin it will be danzo first and did anyone everything where the leaf nin are going to go now their home is gone maybe kazekage will allow them sanctuary or maybe the raikage and there is still the so called kage meeting that’s gonna happen hmm oh last but no least what about kabuto/Orochimaru i am very excited to see what happens there

  3. cool release! I was hoping to see it!

  4. i heard this chapter starts whit god realm aka deva path aka yahiko kickin’ the bucket, hinata slowly recovers under sakura’s treatment, neji then goes after naruto to stop him going alone to Nagato. Meanwhile ino’s dad and shikamaru’s as well catch up to Naruto, Ino’s dad trying to prevent Naruto from going to Nagato but whit the incurajament of Shikaku (shikamaru’s dad) they finally let Naruto go and decide to let him finish the job on his own. At the mountain top Nagato askes konan to leave but she hesitates a little but eventualy leaves and naruto get’s there to find Nagato somewhat transformed or released from his chair i really didn’t figure the pic i saw out because but it look’s like Nagato’s got a few more aces in the hole left. porbably another 2-3 mangas left for this Naruto Vs Pain left let’s hope, because we’ve been reading about this fight since october – november. I sure would like to see somethin on Kakashi’s situation, something on Orochimaru/Kabuto also on the kage meating ( this could be bad for konoha when the other kages hear about konoha’s troubles, probably they will get a helping hand from the kazekage ) and of corce on sasuke, the 8th tails and somethinfg on madara as well. It’s gonna be a good year this 2009 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I hope that hinata recovers completely

  6. hinata does

  7. Kushina & Nagoto = Related

  8. hold on a second… you say Kushina and Nagato? wasn’t she Konan ? The female ninja who always moved with Nagato and Yahiko?

    Kushina is Naruto’s mother, the wife of 4th Hokage LOL

    Oh, by the way so far Sasuke succesfully killed Danzou and he and Madara are heading for Konoha!!!

  9. OK, you win. I guess its Kushina…. I’ve just got back from google. and the result brought me to Kushina’s pic…yes she has red hair.

    her with Nagato? hmmm…then Konan could cheat with Naruto eh…

  10. oh yh, Naruto is related to the senju, who are descendants of Rikoudou sennin, the other descendents being Uchiha, Now his mother from whirlpool has red hair and so does nagato from rain, so they must be related! Ooh, Gaara has red hair so maybe he’s her nephew, so naruto and gaara are cousins! Same can be said for Tayuya! despite the fact that she died, she could’ve become powerful in the future if left alive…
    Naruto has such a great inheritance!
    Even though the naruto universe’ map is pretty big, Naruto is related to all the powerful characters one way or another!

    No really, If he was so great than why is he not some sort of prodigy?
    hmph. I have blonde hair so i must be related to every single blonde haired person in the world?

  11. vai tomar no cรบ fdp

  12. well, the theory u made about nagato’s n naruto’s blood-ties are true! karin also from uzumaki;s clan.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. cuz nagato and kushina are from uzumaki and karin ๐Ÿ˜‰

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