Naruto 444 – Confirmed Spoilers with PICS (Discussions and Predictions)


Naruto : I knew it, I just can’t forgive you. It’s beyond me.

Nagato : Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !

Is this…
a child…?

These guys are not ninjas!

For this to happen to the town….Damn it!


Naruto and Nagato talks.
Nagato fires a black rod from his wheelchair.
Naruto takes it to his stomach.

He then sees Jiraiya’s death and how Kakashi died from Nagato.

Nagato[Thoughts?]: I try to manipulate Naruto and take him back, but Naruto is resisting the black rod.

Konan: To repel Nagato’s chakra at this range, what a kid.

Naruto: [I don’t get what he’s saying, sorry]
Naruto’s eyes turn into frog + Kyuubi eyes

Naruto: I can’t forgive you, I want to kill you right now!

He charges at Nagato

But he stops just before him.

Naruto: I don’t know anything about you, why do you hate [Konoha]?
Talk to me!

So Nagato starts talking

I have two pain[ful events], one of them is my parents being killed

Then Nagato begins talking about his past

At the height of the Great Ninja War, we had been too late at escaping, so we were hiding at our family’s house.
Two ninjas came into our house.

They were searching for some food

Nagato’s parents: Nagato, you need to hide.
Then they charge at the two ninja

The ninja: They’re enemies.
They kill his parents instantly.
The ninja: There’s one more around here.
The ninja search for food
They look at the corpses
The ninja: They were just civilians, huh. Why would civilians, in the middle of a battle… We’re sorry, kid

At that moment, lightning strikes outside [and lights up the room], and what Nagato sees, are Konoha headbands


And then, the Rinnengan is activated


xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


The battle between Pein and Naruto is finally over!?

Naruto wins but he is dissatisfied..

What do you think Nagato and Naruto’s EXPECTATIONS?

What do you think Naruto’s PLAN? and Nagato’s PLAN?

They will join forces?


xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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~ by edgarluvitug on April 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Naruto 444 – Confirmed Spoilers with PICS (Discussions and Predictions)”

  1. This is wat i predic for teh end of the invasion era.

    Naruto and nagato talk out.
    both hold out with their own defination.
    after a lot of talking they fite
    naruto defeats nagato,
    nagato asks naruto to kill him but he doesnt
    nagato attempst to kill naruto one last time but instead is killed by neji,
    naruto doesnt want nagato to die and is pissed at neji,
    nagato finally understands narutos way and may b help out naruto in some way , with may b info on akatski or may b how to help kakashi.

  2. great episode!

  3. Kakashi is dead…

  4. wow its a great combination sage and 9 tail chakra. this is great.

  5. DEMON SAGE!!!!

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