One Piece 540 – Spoilers with PICS (Discussions and Predictions)


The three of them recklessly plow through and manage to get to Level 6.
But there’s no sign of Ace in the prison. Ace was already transported away through the elevator that connects directly from the first floor to sixth.
The exit to the entrance was blocked, and tear gas was being pumped into the area.
Inazuma is a Scissor man who ate the Choki Choki fruit, and he uses his ability to block the exit filled with tear gas, but their ways are all blocked now, with no way out.
Crocodile appears, and tells them with his ability, he could get them out of here.
Luffy objects, not wanting to help a man who ruined Vivi’s kingdom.
Ivankov convinces Luffy, and tells Crocodile to help them if he doesn’t want his secret revealed. (Iva-san seems to know something about Crocodile’s weakness)
Jinbei also asks them to take him with them too, as he is indebted to Whitebeard.
The three head out with the two Shichibukai joining them.
The other prisoners also yell at them to release them, but Iva takes them out with his Deathwink.


One of the Himajin pics:
Ivasan: Let’s release him, Mugiwara boy. He would be a powerful addition to us.
I know you won’t stop now… especially if you intend to go to Marine HQ!!
Luffy: Huh, Iwachan!! Loo, this guy….!

Crocodile: Ivankov…!!!

Ivasan: Long time no see (rest cut off)
Luffy: You know him!?
Ivasan: Yes, long time ago… When he was still just a rookie!
Don’t worry, even if he does betray us, I’ll keep him down. We can’t trust him, but…
I’m holding a “weakness” of his! I’ll keep my mouth shut, if he agrees to lend us just his power!
Crocodile: damn you….!!!

There you go, for those who were debating on Croc’s betrayal.
Croc’s motive to get out of the prison, is becase he wants to go after Whitebeard.
Also from the last panel:
Jinbei: I won’t let you go after old man Whitebeard, Crocodile…!
Crocodile: Or what, you wanna fight to the death right now?


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