Naruto Shippuuden – Movie 2 – Bonds


narutoshippuudenbonds-01 narutoshippuudenbonds-02

narutoshippuudenbonds-03 narutoshippuudenbonds-04

Watch it HERE online. G-Blogs: Anime Manga

Part 1 DOWNLOAD-avi – mediafire (95.78MB)
Part 2 DOWNLOAD-avi – mediafire (95.78MB)
Part 3 DOWNLOAD-avi – mediafire (95.78MB)
Part 4 DOWNLOAD-avi – mediafire (95.78MB)
Part 5 DOWNLOAD-avi – mediafire (95.78MB)
Part 6 DOWNLOAD-avi – mediafire (95.78MB)
Part 7 DOWNLOAD-avi – mediafire (95.78MB)
Part 8 DOWNLOAD-avi – mediafire (29.55MB)

MININOVA Link (Torrent)
DOWNLOAD-avi – mininova (716.80MB)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Part 1 DOWNLOAD-flv – myspace (71.82MB)
Part 2 DOWNLOAD-flv – myspace (68.09MB)
Part 3 DOWNLOAD-flv – myspace (61.07MB)
Part 4 DOWNLOAD-flv – myspace (60.17MB)
Part 5 DOWNLOAD-flv – myspace (40.56MB)


~ by edgarluvitug on April 25, 2009.

24 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden – Movie 2 – Bonds”

  1. i am trying to download naruto movie 2 bonds but part one the link must be broken I tryed it weveral times the onther parts i can download but no that one of the mediafile one?

  2. thank you

  3. its good to have naruto movie…but its tooo big…avi formate.please choose smaller formate like rmvb or mp4….faster download

  4. is the movie ok? no missing parts?

  5. Part 2 of AVI file doesn’t work!
    Please! Upload again! Thanks!!!!

  6. Thanks a lot!! its my browser problem , not the links!!

  7. part 1 link doesn’t work….it always refreshes its page without downloading (T.T)

  8. Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2: Bonds English Sub
    Format: RM (RMVB)

  9. iam at low speed so please tell me that this rm format qualtiy is good?so i start download, not any square pixels?thanks for rm

    • I didnt try the RM file. Just someone submitted it. If u finished downloading the RM video, can u help me to evaluate the file? Thanks. 🙂

    • quality is rated medium imo. It is 136 Mb anyways. Good quality would be 200Mb+

  10. password pls

    • @lychos
      Password for what? There is no password for the file. 🙂

      • The password is nana123 There is a link in the text files to download the real txt file of the password. To download u need top open the 2nd site cuz the first one wont work anyways. the second site will say u need to install the download manager (works but gives malware virus(Pass is given above anyway so u dont need to download it anymore) All but those sites are safe. If u downloaded the manager then scan ur pc with any virusscanner (and maybe one that finds …wares) then restore ur pc to a date before the download (everything u installed will be gone (downloads stay) then to be sure scan again :p. This should help lol

      • Forgot :p : he needed the password for the RM file since it has been rarred twice and the second one needs pass

  11. where can i find in parts naruto shippuden movie 1 in avi by dattebyo subbed.thanks

  12. thanks alot i love naruto shippuden

  13. There are links that are not working but I was able to view and enjoy the rest. Thank you for the great site.

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