Naruto 447 – Confirmed Spoilers (Discussions and Predictions)

CREDITS: Nightjumper

Hanzou gives to order to kill Nagato. Hidden Rain shinobi appear.
Nagato repels their kunai with Shinra ??[Tensei?], surprising the ninja.
He takes the opportunity to save Konan, but his legs are hit by Hanzou’s Katon technique[s].
Both his legs are crumbling…
(That’s kinda why he’s in a wheelchair now)
[Unsure]Hanzou is surprised when Nagato is standing with his Rinnegan, even after being hit by his Katon tech[s].
While Nagato collapses,
Summoning: Gedou Ma Zou[Lit.: Heretical Demon Statue]
(It’s just like the statue that extracts and keeps the Bijuu)
Konan shouts: “Don’t use that technique!”
Several black rods comes out of the statue and pierces Nagato’s back.
Thence, in Musou[Lit: peerless; unparalleled; unparallelled; matchless] Mode, something like white dragons emerge from the statue’s mouth.
They hit the Konoha Anbu and the Hidden Rain shinobi, their souls being extracted one by one.
The filler ninja are wiped out.(Danzou probably fleed after seeing the statue)
Hanzou escapes through Shunshin no Jutsu.

The end of the story, back to present time.

And afterwards, he says something like his comrades had died one by one.

He demands Naruto’s answer.
Naruto remembers what Ero-sennin said.
(The stuff about everyone understanding each other~)
[Naruto:] Ero-sennin believed in me and entrusted it to me.
That’s why I’ll believe in what Ero-sennin believed in.
That’s my answer!!
And that’s why I won’t kill you!

The end

Cover/spine is of Sasuke.

More info:

Sorry, I forgot to write this:
Nagato transforms from his healthy self to his crippled self when the blacks rods hits him.
[I think nja is saying that he’s taking pictures of the spin-off about the Gutsy Ninja]


After Yahiko, Hanzou orders Nagato to be killed. The Amegakure shinobi all simultaneously throw kunai at Nagato, but the are repelled with Shinra ??¹, surprising the ninja.
[Nagato] uses the opportunity to help Konan, but both his legs are engulfed by Hanzou’s Fire Release Technique. Both legs are destroyed…
(This is kind of why he’s bound to a wheelchair now)
The Rinnegan and Nagato still standing even after being hit by his Fire Release Technique astonish Hanzou
While Nagato collapses, he uses the summoning “Summoning: Heretical Demon Statue²”
(This looks exactly like the statue the Bijuu are stored in after they’re extracted)
Konan cries out “Don’t use that technique!” but several black rods grow out of the statue and pierce Nagato’s back
From there, he’s in Peerless Mode³. From the mouth of the statue comes something that looks like white dragons.
One by one, the souls of the Konoha ANBU and Amegakure shinobi that are touched by this are extracted.
The small fry are annihilated (Danzou probably fled after seeing the statue, before it could get to him?*)
Finally only Hanzou is left, but he escapes with a Body Flicker Technique.

Then the story ends and we return to the present

He says something like that after that, all his comrades died one by one

He asks for Naruto’s answer, but Naruto remembers what Ero-sennin said
(One day, people will understand each other)
Ero-sennin believed in me and entrusted [me with his will]
That’s why I’ll believe in what Ero-sennin believed in**
That is my answer!!
That’s why I won’t kill you!

The end

The spine has Sasuke

More info:

Sorry, I forgot to write this
When the black rods pierce Nagato, he changes from a good-looking Nagato into a sickly Nagato

After asking Naruto about his answer [naruto] takes out the “Legend of the Gutsy Ninja”***

¹ Likely Shinra Tensei.
² Kuchiyose: Gedou Mazou (口寄せ・外道魔像). Gedou means “heretical doctrine”. Mazou means “demon statue”.
³ Musou Mode (無双モード) Musou means “peerless,” “unparalleled”.
* If he was ever actually there. Can’t remember seeing him in the previous chapter…
** Don’t believe in yourself! Believe in me, who believes in you. Pierce the Heavens with your drill! Break through logic and kick reason to the curb! Who the hell do you think I am?
*** At least, I think this is what is meant here. First of all it’s unclear who is taking it out and secondly the title of the book is written differently. It should have been written as Dokonjou Ninden, but it’s written as Dokonjou Ninja Gaiden. It’s possible I’m misinterpreting this and Nja is talking about a new side-story, but I doubt it.


『エロ仙人の信じたことを信じてみる それがオレの答えだ だからお前たちは殺さねぇ』 殺





answering this question:






CREDITS: Nightjumper

“I’ll try believing in what Ero-sennin believed in. That’s my answer, and that’s why I won’t kill you guys.”[Kanji for ‘to kill’]

[I don’t get these two lines. ohana says something about looking forward to “custome urgent recruit” or something]


When Naruto is talking to Nagato, it’s a close-up of Nagato’s eye(s).

answering this question:

Will Naruto give [more] of his answer next time?

‘Won’t kill you’
and then, next time.

It was something like healthy Nagato being desperate to protect Konan.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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