One Piece 543 – Confirmed Spoilers (Discussions and Predictions)


Cover: 12-part short stories: Relax in hell (Kamabakka), Sanji! Vol. 1 “Adventures on the island with no escape”
Level 1, the crimson hell.
Warden:”close the drawbridge! No one has the allowence to cross it! It’s only 5 people! Stop Blackbeard’s crew!”
Auger fires at them.
The warden are at the end of their powers because of Blackbeard’s crew.
Warden:”Fire! He turned out to be a traitor! He’s no ally!”
Shiryuu:”Traitor or not… He was a pirate in the first place!”
Warden:”Head- gaoler Shi…Shiryuu!…you came out!?”
Shiryuu:”So it’s… 5 oponents…?”
Blackbeard:”What’s that? A strong guy shows up… Is it Magellan…!?”
Shiryuu:”Marshall D. Teach… You’re Blackbeard…?”
Blackbeard:”Zehahahaa! It’s true! and who are you!?”

Level 4, Flame-hell.
Warden:”It’s no use! Not even the guardian beasts could do nothing against them and were defeated!”
prisoner:”Onwards! The door to level 3 isn’t far! Forwards! Don’t be intiminated!”
Warden:”Dammit! More and more are coming! We can’t find a way to stop them!”
prisoner:”Thats Sadi, The commander of the guardianbeasts! Don’t worry, she’s not dangerous!”
Sadi:”Shut up! Call me Sadi-chan! Ultra-reizend, red Devil-whip!”
Sadi:”My sweeties, how can you!? Mmmhh~ ❤ my slaves (Guardian beasts)!”
prisoner:”Ugrargh~! Wah~!”
The bridge collapses.
Luffy:”Those damn…”
Iva:”Wait! didn’t you say, you wanted to attack earler!? Hiha~!”
Luffy jumps to Iva.
Iva:”Open the way, Eccentric Girl!”
Iva, who changes to a woman, tries to step on Sadi.
Sadi:”Mmmhh~! ❤ Shut up! Ivankov, who change to a woman, Anarchist der Grauzone!”
Iva:”Nfufufu! I feel like a real woman now! Hiha~!”
Luffy:”Who’s that!? He speaks and looks like Iva-chan!”
Inazuma:”Ruffy-kun, hurry! The stairs are really close! I’ll open the door!”
Hannyabal:”This is the big fortress of hell! Noone…”
Hannyabal:”… commute here!”
Luffy:”who’s that!? open the big door!”
Inazuma:”Hannyabal! The vice-warden of this prison!”
Hannyabal:”Look! At the entrence to the level 3 stairs is a Bazooka-unit with 1000 men stationed! There is no way out for you!”
Warden:”Uwaaah~! the vice-warden carries the longsword “Chisui”! He’s serious!” [TN: Chisui (血吸) = “Bloodsucker”]
Warden:”Good, then we’ll trust him! He’s strong!”
Hannyabal:”The weak followers should guarantee a rosy future!? Strawhat, you pirate, how you haven’t seen before! In the name of the chief I’ll punish you!”
Luffy:”Out of the way!”
Hannyabal:”You can forget that~!”
The Warden seem to take out musical instruments.
Warden:”wisdom! Bibibibibi~ (singing) Wisdom! Dondokodoko~!”
Hannyabal:”The Rhythm~!”
Warden:”Wisdom! Bibibibibi~”
Hannyabal:”The Nyabal~! knowladge! Hannya Carnival! The wheel of the flame hell!”
He runs with the rotating longsword at Ruffy
Luffy:”hot, hot! I’ll blow you away from the path! I’ll save Ace!”
Hannyabal:”Donm’t make me laugh! You won’t get the Vice-warden to give up so easily!”

Level 4, in front of the big elevator.
Warden:”You’re there, Chief Magellan! Hurry, Chief Magellan!”
Hannyabal:”It’s not over yet!”
Magellan:”Where is the biggest part of the rebels…!?”
Warden:”The vice-warden Hannybal manages to hold them back with a lot of trouble! That’s in front of the stairs to Level 3! A little before the steps! Hurry!”
Warden:”Forwards, Vice-warden! Don’t subside!”
Luffy gives Hannyabal a beating.
Hannyabal:”It’s not over yet!”
Hannyabal tries to evade attacks and goes almost to the ground.
Warden:”Chief-warden! When you continue standing, you’ll die!”
Hannyabal:”What the… Your jabbering
leads to a bad influence…
The coup of pirates…! How can you help your big brother anyway! I won’t let the scums of society calcify anything! You want to eke out you exsistance on the sea… The people lose their loved ones and fear so much, that they can’t even sleep at night!
to give the weak people peace,
The cruel criminals will be imprisoned! This is the big fortress of hell! Because of that I’ll fight my fears till the end! Step by step, how I said it!”
Luffy:”Ace’s life is very important to me!
so vanish!”
Hannyabal:”… What did you say, idiot…”
Warden:”V-v…vice war…den…”
Warden:”We’ll help you!”
Hannyabal:”Na…! You, what’s going on!? the Bazooka-unit!? Eh!?”
Blackbeard:”Stop! Justice or evil…
Everything is swallowed! For how long can you search in this world…?”
Blackbeard:”There is no awnser, Good-for-nothing!”
Blackbeard steps on Hannyabal.
Luffy:”that guy… I met him on Jaya!”
Wärter:”Vice-Warden! the Bazooka-unit!”
Crocodile and Iva
stare at him stunned.
Blackbeard:”Hoh Hoh, we compliment my looks! Here seems to be something going on… Zehahaha!”
Jimbei:”Teach! What are you doing here!? Or should I call you Blackbeard now?”
Blackbeard:”Jimbei! Haha, oh how dangerous! You should pull back that fist! You’re on Ace’ side, right…? Egal, wenn du mich verfluchst, bellst du den falschen Baum an!”
Flashback when Ace tells Luffy he wants to meet Blackbeard and a flashback of Nyon.
Luffy:”You’re Blackbeard!?”
Blackbeard:”Nhh…true, I forgot to introduce myself… Zehahahaha! It’s really long ago, isn’t it right, Strawhat?
I’m surprised! You’re the little brother of my earlier commander Ace? Hnhn… Is it really good for you to be here?
it soon begins, the public execution of your big brother! Zehahahaha!”
Luffy is angry.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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