One Piece 543 – RAW is OUT!! (with TRANSLATION)


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One Piece

Chapter 543: Straw Hat and Blackbeard

12-shot short stories / Sanji, don’t lose your cool on Kamabakka!

Vol. 1: Adventure on the Island with No Exit


The underwater prison in chaos!!

Level 1 / Crimson Hell

Guards: Raise the drawbridge!! We mustn’t let them pass!!


There’s only five of them!! We can take them!!

Open fire!!!

They’re traitors!! Blackbeard has clearly switched sides!!

Shiryuu: Well, that’s what pirates’re all about…


Guard: H… Head Gaoler Shiryuu!!!

Shiryuu: So I’m up against five, huh…

Guard: When were you released, sir?!

Blackbeard: Who’s that? Sure looks like he could be trouble…

Is he Magellan?!

Shiryuu: You’re Marshall D. Teach… Blackbeard, am I right?

Blackbeard: Zehahahaha!! Ya sure are!! And who might you be?

4. – 5.

Level 4 Blazing Hell

Guards: It’s no use!! If even the Demon Guards were defeated, there’s no way we can stop them now!!

Prisoners: Come on!!! We’re almost at the door to Level 3!!

Let’s move!! There’s nothing to be afraid of anymore!!

Guards: Damn it!! Their numbers are increasing!!

They… They’ve become impossible to stop!!!


Prisoners: It’s the Chief Guard, Sady!!

Who cares, just push ‘er aside!!!

Sady: Silence!! You shall address me as Sady-chan!!

Excitement Attack, Red Devil’s Whip!!! [[Note: Koufun no Geki, Akama-Muchi]]

Prisoners: Gyaaaa!!!

Sady: How dare you do that to mmmmm… My cute little servants!!!

Prisoners: Uwaaaa!!! Waaaa!!!

Luffy: Damn you!!

Iwa: Vait!! I thought I told you to head forth!!


Luffy: Uwaaa!!


Iva: Out of our vay, excentric little girl!!

Sady: Mmmmmm… Silence!! So you’ve turned into a woman, Ivankov!

You anarchist of sexes!!

Iva: Haha, I’m in /

A feminine mood!!!


Luffy: Hah / Who’s that?! She talks funny, just like Iva-chan!! / Hah

Inazuma: We have to hurry, Luffy-kun!! The stairs are close by!! / I’ll open the door!!

Hannyabal: This is the Fortress of Hell!!! Listen, all of you!!

Inazuma: Hm?

8. – 9.

Hannyabal: You shall not pass!!! [[Note: Sorry for the obvious Gandalf reference.]]

Prisoners: UWAAA!!!

Luffy: Who’s that guy?

He’s opening the door!

Inazuma: It’s Hannyabal!! He’s the Vice Warden here!!

Hannyabal: Behold!! The stairwell to Level 3 is secured by a bazooka squad of a thousand members, all equipped with Prison Cannonballs!!

You will not leave this place alive!!!

Prisons: Dammit!!

Guards: Whoa!!! The Vice Warden brought his halberd, Kessui!! He’s serious!!! [[Note: Kessui means Blood Sucker]]

We can count on him now!! He’s real strong!!!

Hannyabal: For a brighter future for the common man!!!

Unprecedented intruder, Straw Hat!!

Since the chief isn’t here, I shall carry out your death sentence!!!

Luffy: Move!

Hannyabal: I refuse!!!


Guards: Hannya! [[Note: a term translated from sanskrit, meaning Perfection of Wisdom]]


Hannyabal: The Rythm!

Guards: Hannya!

The Nyabal!

You shall know!! Hannya Carnival!!

Blazing Hell Rider!!! [[Note: Shounetsu Jigoku-Guruma]]

Luffy: Hot! / Ouch!


Luffy: If you won’t move, I’ll just have to make you!! / I need to hurry and save Ace!!!

Hannyabal: Don’t make me laugh! If I were to be defeated so easily, I would be unfit for my title!!


Luffy: Gomu Gomu no… /

JET Gatling!!!

Hannyabal: Bugohogagehoooo!!!


Level 4 / In front of the jumbo elevator

Guards: Chief Warden Magellan!! Thank God you’ve arrived!!

Please hurry, sir!!!

Hannyabal: It’s not over yet!!!!

Magellan: Where are the rebel forces?

Guard: Vice Warden Hannyabal has barely managed to hold them up!!

They are in front of the stairwell to Level 3!! It isn’t too far away!! Me must hurry!!


Guards: We will back the Vice Warden up!! Do not falter!!

Hannyabal: I’m not done yet!!


14. – 15.

Guard: V… Vice Warden Hannyabal!!

Please don’t get up… You’ll die!!!

Hannyabal: How dare you… Your only accomplishment is reaching infamy in the outside world… As a pirate, and now a rebel!!!

You will save your brother? That is very touching coming from the scum of society!! /

Common people lose their loved ones day after day and are

so terrified that they cannot sleep /

Just because men like you are out at sea!!!

This is the Fortress Of Hell, built for the sole purpose of locking up villains so that even the frailest can feel safe out there!!

If it were to collapse, this world would become one ruled by fear!! I will not let you take a single step further!!

Guard: Vice Warden… !!!

Luffy: Ace’s life is real important to me!! So out of my way!!

Hannyabal: I quess a fool like you will not listen to a thing I say…

Guard: V… Vice Warde… !!!

Hannyabal: What?! Huh?! What’s wrong?! / Bazooka squad!! Wha?!

Guards: HEEEELP!!!

Blackbeard: Stop yer blabbering ’bout good n’ evil!! No matter where you look /

16. – 17.

Blackbeard: There ain’t no answer, ya dimwit!!!

Luffy: I kow him… !! We met in Jaya!!

Guards: Vice Warden!!

Bazooka Squad!!!

Blackbeard: Whoa, what a mess!

Looks like there’s been quite a brawl ‘ere… Zehahaha!

Jimbei: Teach!!! What are you doing here?!

Or should I call you Blackbeard?

Blackbeard: Jimbei. … Haha. Hey, hey, don’t get so worked up, will ya?

Oh yeah, you n’ Ace were close, huh… But you’re barkin’ up the wrong tree if you’re blamin’ me fer what happened.

18. – 19.

Luffy: Blackbeard?

Flashback Ace: I’m looking for a guy who did something real nasty…

He goes by the name of Blackbeard these days.

Flashback Teach: People’s dreams /

Never end!!!

Flashback Nyon: News is that a pirate named Blackbeard managed to capture Fire Fist Ace /

And was thus invited to become a Shichibukai…

Luffy: You’re Blackbeard?!

Blackbeard: … Huh? Oh, seems I forgot to introduce myself back then.

Zehahaha!!! Long time no see, Straw Hat!! I was suprised myself when I learned you n’ my commander, Ace, ‘re brothers!!

Heh… You okay with wastin’ yer time here? Your brother’s execution’s ’bout ta start… Zehahaha!!!

End line: The man that caused it all… !!

The End


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