Naruto 448 – “Memento”

The latest chapter from the Japanese Naruto manga series is here! And you best believe it’s a good one! Yup, the 448th chapter from the series has completed the transition from ink and paper in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine to pixels on your computer screen, completely translated in to English for your enjoyment. Entitled: Memento – absolutely ANYBODY who considers themselves a fan of Naruto is more than free to give this chapter a direct download, all you have to do is simply click the download link below! Enjoy your manga, see you again soon!


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You can also visit Naruto 448 – Spoilers and Naruto – Chapter 447.


~ by edgarluvitug on May 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Naruto 448 – “Memento””

  1. Hi, you are awsome as usual, indeed the best, thanks for posting this intrigating spoilers, se yoo soon.

  2. Can you fix prediction for Naruto 449 as soon, i’m really to know what is nagato do-it in that position technic!!?

  3. hai awesome, nagato believe in naruto and then he use some jutsu what is this. is he trying to attack naruto or is he giving him some kind of chakra or some think……….”rinigen”like itachi give saske.oh i m so excited for next issue. please give some comments dude its a great chapter.

    • Ye, its a great chapter. Im also thinking that he will give naruto the power of rinnegan (the most powerfull eye technique).

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