Naruto 449 – Confirmed Spoilers (Discussions and Predictions)



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According to the last page of Naruto Chapter 448, Nagato believes in Naruto.

Which technique do you think Nagato will use?

Will Nagato give Naruto the power of rinnegan?

or he will revive Jiraiya?

or he will tell naruto about his Mother?

Feel free to post your PREDICTIONS! Enjoy! 🙂

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~ by edgarluvitug on May 22, 2009.

11 Responses to “Naruto 449 – Confirmed Spoilers (Discussions and Predictions)”

  1. i think he will give naruto rinnegen.

  2. nagato will try to destroy naruto and narutos eight tails will be unleashed but yondaime will appear in narutos mind to talk to him

  3. Good stuff. I just reviewed one of the Naruto movies on my anime film blog as well. Swing by sometime 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  4. I think that one possibility is that he will summon the statue and destroy it in front of Naruto. (very possible) If Nagato now understands Naruto maybe he will destroy his plans and the wepon that he has been working on.

  5. @ manny814 I think your prediction has a strong fundation to it, honestly i really don’t think that the rinnegan can be transmited and if it dose what cuind of person will Naruto become after this burst of power inside him, i mean he got powerful training from Jirayia, he got Itachis power transfer, he now knows abot he’s father and the fact that he’s got to learn to control the fox and the Sage mode he learn’ed from Fukasaku.

    There is a possibility that Nagato will offet Naruto some sort of skill or new wisdome but the Rinnegan i think is a little farfached if u ask me.

    Naruto in my opinion at the state he is now can take just about anyone except Madara and i think that evan he would have a hard time with Naruto. If i think about it the only thing Naruto can’t do is genjutsu, eithrt than that he’s capable of anything, just think about it he’s got the advantage of natural energy now and i my opinion besides the fact that he can sense chakra with it he can also sense the elements he need’s for elemental recompesation, we all know he can use wind but now i’me confident that he can use all of the 5 elements with the aid of the natural energy and after a training in all the elements …. Please Tell Me How The Fu(k can someone be a match for him.

    I’me not saying that the elemetal recompesation is a certitude but it’s a very viable prediction, and because of this a say that Naruto dosen’t need the rinnegan.

  6. There’s no way Nagato gonna give his Rinnegan to Naruto,… Better wait for the next chapter… fiuh yare yare

  7. I think that he will return the souls he took. Shizune and Kakashi

  8. he didn’t took kakashi’s soul, kakashi dieded because he used all his chakra

  9. may be we have one more battel but this should be a sucide battle for pain who will entrust his quest for peace to naruto before he dies

  10. ya know smth i dont think itachi gave naruto powers. i think he give him some sort of seal just like the one minato did so when sasuke is about to use the powers itachi gave him like amaterasu on naruto itachi will appear on his mind and explain sasuke the hole things. there sasuke will leave akatsuki and will fight agains madara with naruto…hope negato give him some kind of technique…

  11. Looks like I was right

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